XenForo Figma or Sketch File


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Does the XenForo Staff team has an internal XenForo design file in Sketch or Figma?
If yes, is this something that you guys would be able to share? This could be handy when designing plugins or structures!

I think if we had access to a design file that follows the core design principles, components, and visual guidelines that XenForo already follows, it could be handy to visualize plugins before coding them.

If this doesn't exist, I would be open to design it myself and then just share it over here, but before I do so, I wanted to ask if there's already such a (internal) design system file.
I was thinking of setting up a Figma (I did a UI Kit way back in 2010, but never released it).

Mostly comes down to if I ever have spare time, which is unlikely until January.
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