1. Osman

    Special Pro 1.0.0

    Live Your Dreams – Create Your Happiness Special is intuitive with unique features and countless customizations, you can build a community that matches your dream. Users who say page speed is important to me may prefer different structures, while users who are design lovers will enjoy the...
  2. T

    [Paid] Custom Theme

    Hello Everyone! I'm looking for someone who can create a Custom Theme for my team's Minecraft Server. We currently don't have a set budget at this time but we are able to sit down and discuss one with you. Please contact Mark via Discord or Email. Our Minecraft Server Theme is Cottagecore/Bee...
  3. Stylesfactory

    Beta CraftStyle 2.2.10

    Functions: All SFCore functionality (Custom Display Content, Node backgrounds, Node Icons, Announcement panel, Custom footer and many more). Server players counter (Minecraft) Discord player counter Simple portal with slider support Demo: click
  4. A

    XF 2.2 Install theme; which directories must be writable by the webserver user?

    Hi There, so its my first time to install a theme on xenforo, and as I see I have to a) add this line to src/config.php: $config['enableAddOnArchiveInstaller'] = true; and b) change directories to be writable by the web server user Can someone please tell me which ones I have to change...
  5. G

    XF 2.2 Background No Repeat

    Is there a way to set background to no repeat and stretch the image to fill in Page Background @xf-pageBG of the theme Page Setup I've tried background-repeat no in the Freeform CSS/LESS code but doesn't seem to work
  6. V

    Custom theme + Landing page request

    Hi guys! I am currently looking for a custom theme developement. What I need is a theme with a similar style to the new windows11 ui. Controls (checkboxes, dropdowns, font etc.) should look the same and also the animations should look like in win11. Apart from the forum theme, I also need a...
  7. michalcabala

    XF 2.2 Theme dev from scratch

    Hi all, quite new to Xenforo... I've purchased license and it looks very good. Now, i would like to ask: is there any docs or tutorial how to make my own theme from scratch, or it's even possible? I have my own HTML/CSS theme build with Bootstrap and i want it to use as theme for my forum. Or...
  8. Mr. Jinx

    Optimized themes (SEO / PageSpeed)

    I was wondering if there currently is any theme that is better and faster than XF's default theme? For example, I like the UI.X 2 theme from ThemeHouse, but it feels slower or more bloated than XF's default theme. It also does not give a good score with PageSpeed. So are there any really...
  9. JoyFreak

    PurpleFreak Dark -

    JoyFreak submitted a new resource: PurpleFreak Dark - - A simple design crafted by Read more about this resource...
  10. JoyFreak

    PurpleFreak Dark - 2020-12-16

    A simple design crafted by Gaming Forum
  11. JoyFreak

    PurpleFreak -

    JoyFreak submitted a new resource: PurpleFreak - - A simple design crafted by Read more about this resource...
  12. JoyFreak

    PurpleFreak - 2020-12-16

    A simple design crafted by Gaming Forum
  13. NandorHUN

    XF 2.2 How can I set up thread title color or background? @Theme: Dimension Dark + D.C Style - Thumbnail ?

    Hi Guys! I just bought Dimension Dark but I have a huge issue with it: Im using D.C Style - Thumbnail ad-on - great and all - BUT in Dark mode (this theme) you can see the title at all because of the colors. There's two options in it: Gradient and "Modern" neither of them works... ( I took...
  14. NandorHUN

    XF 2.2 Is it possible to make my forum change header depending on what node category you clicked in?

    Hi Guys! I want to change picture or header pic. based on the category my users chosen. I think it's pretty stylsish :) Is it possible?
  15. NandorHUN

    What do you think which Xenfocus theme should my users like?

    Hi Guys! I really like Xenfocus's themes but cant really decide which one to choose. What do you think? I want one light and one dark theme. Thanks for the help.
  16. NandorHUN

    XF 2.2 How do I reorganize the themes?

    If I install or reinstall themes the new one get to the bottom. How do I reorgainze or organize the choosable themes? Thanks!
  17. E

    XF 2.2 Installing ThemeHouse Theme

    Hello. Just bought XF 2, so I am a new user here. I managed to research how to get XF2 up and running, and I also managed to import the theme's parent and child .XML file into XF, but it looks all wrong compared to the demo screenshot on their page. I do not know where to import the rest of the...
  18. Ariel Schnee

    Unmaintained Ocean of Love 1.0

    A very pink, and very girly, theme. Just the standard XenForo 1 Default theme that I recolored into a more pink, and girly, theme. All you have to do is install with the .xml file. @@@ There is a small glitch. For some reason, I don't know what mistake I made, when hovering over your user...
  19. L

    Unmaintained [EAE Add-ons] Cupid's Arrow 1.1

    Cupid's Arrow gives your members the opportunity to launch emoji "arrows" at other members. If the option is set, they may choose to launch then anonymously. The emoji members are allowed to launch at each other are set in the options for the add-on. If sent anonymously, and the target member...
  20. Up4Deal

    Up4Deal - Make your Forum Great Again !

    Ladies and gentlemen, We present you a new service for and only for XenForo 2.x Our available services: Installation Service Securing your XenForo Add-on installations Installation theme Forum Creation We will soon propose : The creation of add-ons Importing forums to XenForo 2 You...