1. Osman

    Not Alone Pro 2.2.12

    We have created a style to support everyone in these painful days in our country. As a Turkish person, we wanted to thank everyone for the massive help so far from around the world. Today we're seeing lots of love directed in conversations. We know, writing a condolence message is too tough...
  2. Osman

    Shadow 2.2.12

    Meet Shadow, best for any kind of Private or Public community,websites. With a Creative design and built with transparent approach it is a style that allows you to build a site that stands out from the crowd. Many theme options to easily create a great looking site to meet your specific needs...
  3. Osman

    Special Pro 2.2.12

    Live Your Dreams – Create Your Happiness Special is intuitive with unique features and countless customizations, you can build a community that matches your dream. Users who say page speed is important to me may prefer different structures, while users who are design lovers will enjoy the...
  4. T

    [Paid] Custom Theme

    Hello Everyone! I'm looking for someone who can create a Custom Theme for my team's Minecraft Server. We currently don't have a set budget at this time but we are able to sit down and discuss one with you. Please contact Mark via Discord or Email. Our Minecraft Server Theme is Cottagecore/Bee...
  5. Stylesfactory

    CraftStyle 2.2.12b

    Functions: All SFCore functionality (Custom Display Content, Node backgrounds, Node Icons, Announcement panel, Custom footer and many more). Server players counter (Minecraft) Discord player counter Simple portal with slider support Demo: click
  6. A

    XF 2.2 Install theme; which directories must be writable by the webserver user?

    Hi There, so its my first time to install a theme on xenforo, and as I see I have to a) add this line to src/config.php: $config['enableAddOnArchiveInstaller'] = true; and b) change directories to be writable by the web server user Can someone please tell me which ones I have to change...
  7. G

    XF 2.2 Background No Repeat

    Is there a way to set background to no repeat and stretch the image to fill in Page Background @xf-pageBG of the theme Page Setup I've tried background-repeat no in the Freeform CSS/LESS code but doesn't seem to work
  8. V

    Custom theme + Landing page request

    Hi guys! I am currently looking for a custom theme developement. What I need is a theme with a similar style to the new windows11 ui. Controls (checkboxes, dropdowns, font etc.) should look the same and also the animations should look like in win11. Apart from the forum theme, I also need a...
  9. michalcabala

    XF 2.2 Theme dev from scratch

    Hi all, quite new to Xenforo... I've purchased license and it looks very good. Now, i would like to ask: is there any docs or tutorial how to make my own theme from scratch, or it's even possible? I have my own HTML/CSS theme build with Bootstrap and i want it to use as theme for my forum. Or...
  10. Mr. Jinx

    Optimized themes (SEO / PageSpeed)

    I was wondering if there currently is any theme that is better and faster than XF's default theme? For example, I like the UI.X 2 theme from ThemeHouse, but it feels slower or more bloated than XF's default theme. It also does not give a good score with PageSpeed. So are there any really...
  11. JoyFreak

    PurpleFreak Dark -

    JoyFreak submitted a new resource: PurpleFreak Dark - - A simple design crafted by Read more about this resource...
  12. JoyFreak

    PurpleFreak Dark - 2020-12-16

    A simple design crafted by Gaming Forum
  13. JoyFreak

    PurpleFreak -

    JoyFreak submitted a new resource: PurpleFreak - - A simple design crafted by Read more about this resource...
  14. JoyFreak

    PurpleFreak - 2020-12-16

    A simple design crafted by Gaming Forum
  15. NandorHUN

    XF 2.2 How can I set up thread title color or background? @Theme: Dimension Dark + D.C Style - Thumbnail ?

    Hi Guys! I just bought Dimension Dark but I have a huge issue with it: Im using D.C Style - Thumbnail ad-on - great and all - BUT in Dark mode (this theme) you can see the title at all because of the colors. There's two options in it: Gradient and "Modern" neither of them works... ( I took...
  16. NandorHUN

    XF 2.2 Is it possible to make my forum change header depending on what node category you clicked in?

    Hi Guys! I want to change picture or header pic. based on the category my users chosen. I think it's pretty stylsish :) Is it possible?
  17. NandorHUN

    What do you think which Xenfocus theme should my users like?

    Hi Guys! I really like Xenfocus's themes but cant really decide which one to choose. What do you think? I want one light and one dark theme. Thanks for the help.
  18. NandorHUN

    XF 2.2 How do I reorganize the themes?

    If I install or reinstall themes the new one get to the bottom. How do I reorgainze or organize the choosable themes? Thanks!
  19. E

    XF 2.2 Installing ThemeHouse Theme

    Hello. Just bought XF 2, so I am a new user here. I managed to research how to get XF2 up and running, and I also managed to import the theme's parent and child .XML file into XF, but it looks all wrong compared to the demo screenshot on their page. I do not know where to import the rest of the...
  20. Ariel Schnee

    Unmaintained Ocean of Love 1.0

    A very pink, and very girly, theme. Just the standard XenForo 1 Default theme that I recolored into a more pink, and girly, theme. All you have to do is install with the .xml file. @@@ There is a small glitch. For some reason, I don't know what mistake I made, when hovering over your user...