XF 2.2 Install theme; which directories must be writable by the webserver user?

Hi There,

so its my first time to install a theme on xenforo,
and as I see I have to
a) add this line to src/config.php:
$config['enableAddOnArchiveInstaller'] = true;

b) change directories to be writable by the web server user

Can someone please tell me which ones I have to change?!

And, as this is considered to be insecure, can I change that back, once I have installed the theme?

Thank you
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I just realized that my whole www folder (with html inside) is running under: (user) ec2-user / (group) apache
(I am using aws as host).

Is that correct?

I have checked all folders rights (in www), and they seem to be all writable (by ec2-user).

But still I get the message: "Cannot install from archive as not all required archives are writable..."

So, this is clearly not the case.

Shall I change that owner to www-data ?
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The exact permissions can vary based on server set up, but in general, files and directories should be 0644 and 0755 respectively (recursively).

The /data and /internal_data directories should be recursively chmod:
0666/0777 if PHP runs as "nobody" (the web server user)
0644/0755 if it runs as "your" user (suPHP for example)

0644/0755 only works if PHP is running as the user that owns the file (generally with cpanel setups).

If running PHP with mod_php, PHP will run as the same user as Apache, which will typically be "nobody" or "httpd", system dependent.
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