XF 2.2 Theme dev from scratch

Hi all, quite new to Xenforo...

I've purchased license and it looks very good.

Now, i would like to ask: is there any docs or tutorial how to make my own theme from scratch, or it's even possible? I have my own HTML/CSS theme build with Bootstrap and i want it to use as theme for my forum. Or is there anybody can do that if i will send him/them my theme (paid for sure) ?

Many thanks! 😊
Get in touch with @Russ
He'll customize your XF to look like your bootstrap style.
Just FYI, it's just a template which uses Bootstrap for responsive design, but completely custom. I'm looking for someone who can turn my theme to Xenforo and explain me how to work with it. Anyway, thanks for it, will get in touch 😉👍
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