1. AAColema

    XF 2.1 Capturing "Reject with Reason" for resources in approval queue

    I am building an add-on to enable the same "Reject with Reason" approval controls found when a user registrations shows up in the moderator approval queue, but do it for resources posted with the XenForo Resource Manager which by default only gives the option to "approve" or "delete". The...
  2. digitalpoint

    Use @since to document when new methods are added

    There's been a few times where I've used a XenForo method for something, only later to find out an older (but not super old) version of XenForo didn't have it. For example when I tried to use \XF\Entity\Thread::getContentUrl(), but realized it wasn't available in XF 2.1. I'm not talking about...
  3. michalcabala

    XF 2.2 Theme dev from scratch

    Hi all, quite new to Xenforo... I've purchased license and it looks very good. Now, i would like to ask: is there any docs or tutorial how to make my own theme from scratch, or it's even possible? I have my own HTML/CSS theme build with Bootstrap and i want it to use as theme for my forum. Or...
  4. SyTry

    XF 2.2 Question about custom title for forum types

    Hello, so in my add-on : I have a function to change the Thread Title, but it don't work well with question/article/suggestion forum types. For discussion type, it works great : Prefix - My title - Board Name But in...
  5. fahad ashraf

    XF 2.2 Style import issue

    I create a new style when i try to import style i am getting this error "This XML file is based on a newer version than you have installed. This may cause errors or unexpected behavior." how i can resolved this ?
  6. navinjoseph

    XF 2.1 parsing xf template tags inside php

    Is there a way where we can parse the XF template tags inside php for example if I had store this particular tag <xf:js src="foo.js"></xf:js> and call this via a callback tag how do I parse it to <script src="foo.js"></script> is there some sort of function to this ? because right now it just...
  7. T

    XF 2.0 Save the Input from a custom display Location

    Hello, that's a repost because @S Thomas said that my first post is simply to long to understand my problem. Since the last week I'm trying to add a new display location for some input fields in the account settings location. I want to add for example a new location for a first name. Everything...
  8. T

    XF 2.0 How can I save the input which was written into a custom display location?

    Hello xenforo community! Wasn't here for a long time but because I've got summer holidays I'm finally able to work on my forum style again.. Problem: I've created a new Display Location for a custom user field (settings in my example). Into this display location I've tried to add a new input...
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