Use @since to document when new methods are added


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There's been a few times where I've used a XenForo method for something, only later to find out an older (but not super old) version of XenForo didn't have it. For example when I tried to use \XF\Entity\Thread::getContentUrl(), but realized it wasn't available in XF 2.1.

I'm not talking about going back and tagging old stuff (that would be an impossible task), but maybe going forward?

It would be nice if new methods had the @since phpDoc tag so IDEs can tell you how long that method has been there, would really help with situations like that, as it would look like so:


By adding @since...

 * Gets the content URL... duh.
 * @since 2.2.0
 * @return string
public function getContentUrl(bool $canonical = false, array $extraParams = [], $hash = null)

It's literally the only thing WordPress does better than XenForo.
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