XF 2.2 Rich text editor not working after upgrade


Hello all,

I just upgraded my forum from 2.1.7 (I think) to 2.2.8; this was my first time upgrading since I purchased my license in 2019, so to preface, I have absolutely zero experience navigating the whole upgrading thing. For the most part, it was seamless. The custom theme I use ported over nicely, I had no issue merging outdated templates, the whole shebang. I even added a fantastic new shoutbox widget with no issues.

Only one little problem: The rich text editor, specifically the toolbar, has ceased working. None of the buttons work, except for the BBcode toggle button, and the Preview post button. You can type in the box, but it won't implement any formatting (I've tried both ctrl commands and BBcode, since the BBcode toggle button works).

Is there any way to fix this? I've already submit a support ticket, but I was hoping maybe someone in the community might know what's gone wrong, too.
It looks like this has been resolved via ticket.

It seems this was a situation caused by a bit of a sticky Cloudflare cache and purging the cache sorted it.
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