rich text editor

  1. LmaoBoi111

    XF 2.2 Text editor not displaying

    IDK if its a bug or not, but since like a month ago my text editor became like this, no options no nothing, just title and text, I don't know how to fix it if it's a bug! The bug reacts the same everywhere not just when replying.
  2. corinthia

    XF 2.2 Rich text editor not working after upgrade

    Hello all, I just upgraded my forum from 2.1.7 (I think) to 2.2.8; this was my first time upgrading since I purchased my license in 2019, so to preface, I have absolutely zero experience navigating the whole upgrading thing. For the most part, it was seamless. The custom theme I use ported over...
  3. Onimua

    Fixed New lines under quote blocks get removed upon submit or save

    If there are any intentional empty lines under a block of quoted text the first one will be removed upon initial post submission and on each successive edit until they are all removed (in other words, if there were five line breaks under the block, one would be removed at each time a user saves...
  4. A

    Third party Pasting lists from ODTs into RTE inserts extra empty lines and spaces

    Pasting a list from an ODT document: into the rich text editor results in extra empty lines and consecutive empty spaces: This was not an issue in XF1. Attached you'll find a test ODT.
  5. A

    Not a bug Editing messages in XF 1.5.8 shows BB codes instead of applying rich text formatting

    I have some custom BB codes that used to stay in background while directly applying formatting to the text in messages. Say, an [H1][/H2] pair of tags would format text as a heading while hiding the tags themselves. This would work both when creating a message and when editing it. After...