1. corinthia

    XF 2.2 Rich text editor not working after upgrade

    Hello all, I just upgraded my forum from 2.1.7 (I think) to 2.2.8; this was my first time upgrading since I purchased my license in 2019, so to preface, I have absolutely zero experience navigating the whole upgrading thing. For the most part, it was seamless. The custom theme I use ported over...
  2. smozgur

    XF 2.2 Editor buttons data not valid.

    Only one user reported so far. Firefox (91.0.1esr 64bit) and Edge (94.0.992.50 64bit) on Windows 10. When they create a post, only Xenforo's default toolbar is loaded instead of the customized toolbar with the following error in the console (please see the screenshot). It only happens when...
  3. NealC

    Lack of interest Change toolbar grab handle to drop down for more tools option

    On the new toolbar I think the UI is counter intuitive as for many years the 3 vertical dots have represented a "grab handle" for resizing. In Visual Studio it's done nicely for the "more tools" option when something is not showing in the toolbar. I think your toolbar would be better represented...
  4. R

    Implemented Insert GIF button that shows search results for Giphy

    Have a "GIF" button that works just like the Smiley button - pops up with a search box, and displays thumbnails of GIFs from Giphy you can click on to insert.
  5. Kevin

    Froala Editor: Option to make the toolbar 'sticky'

    As a result of writing sometimes really long posts I have the need to scroll back up the page to get to the editor toolbar. In response to asking if we could enable the 'toolbarBottom' option in Froala, Chris mentioned that the default option is to have the toolbar be 'sticky' but the option is...
  6. le-melvin

    XF 1.5 HELP PUBLISHED Redactor toolbar

    Hello I am looking to change redactor_toolbar URL. I explain that the bbcode [URL = http: // [/ URL] I voudre deven that adds another example automatically bbcode ( [/ URL] [/ b] thank you for your help cordially Melvin - Sorry tradusion with Google Bonjour je...
  7. Allan

    Tools Bar - [Deleted]

    Allan submitted a new resource: ToolsBar - - This add-on lets you create a Toolsbar for your forum! Read more about this resource...
  8. Sheldon

    Replace TaigaChat Icons With Font Awesome

    Sheldon submitted a new resource: Replace TaigaChat Icons With Font Awesome - The others are so... MEH... Read more about this resource...
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