Froala Editor: Option to make the toolbar 'sticky'


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As a result of writing sometimes really long posts I have the need to scroll back up the page to get to the editor toolbar. In response to asking if we could enable the 'toolbarBottom' option in Froala, Chris mentioned that the default option is to have the toolbar be 'sticky' but the option is disabled in the current XF2 codebase.

Could we get an ACP option to make it configurable as to whether the editor toolbar should be sticky or not? :D

(If I send cookies to an anonymous address for the devs would it increase the chances of this being made available? :LOL:)
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been a few years, this is still a good idea tho....i am curious even for a manual implementation procedure..anyone?

dont understand why they would disable it, seems to only make things more difficult with UX.
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