1. Fastline

    XF 2.0 How to resize Tables?

    I used KL Edit Manager but i'm unable to resize the Tables. How can i do that?
  2. Vekseid

    Duplicate Froala WYSIWYG editor deletes newline when deleting only character of a paragraph.

    So if I have a sentence, with a letter: a And I delete or backspace 'a', it will either remove the previous or next newline along with it. My forum is a writing forum and this is annoying one of my users to no end.
  3. R

    XF 2.0 Not enough colors are defined in the palette.

    How can I add more predefined colors in editor's color pallets? I know there is option of putting color code but not all users of my website have idea about color codes. So could any body let me know how can I add more colors here?
  4. eTiKeT™

    [XenGenTr] Editor Notice 1.1.0

    [XenGenTr] Editor Notice Plug-in Main idea holder: @BegemotUral Related source : [xFT] Message Above Editor Plugin properties; Full control over Admincp Quick reply Quick reply notice open close Show the notice in the desired forums. Notice icon can be edited. New topic editor Quick reply...
  5. Kevin

    Froala Editor: Option to make the toolbar 'sticky'

    As a result of writing sometimes really long posts I have the need to scroll back up the page to get to the editor toolbar. In response to asking if we could enable the 'toolbarBottom' option in Froala, Chris mentioned that the default option is to have the toolbar be 'sticky' but the option is...
  6. Lukas W.

    Editor & BB Code Manager 1.1.0

    Editor & BB Code Manager Description Fully customize your XenForo Froala instance. Change your toolbar layout, enable and disable BB Codes, make use of the new table and background-color BB Codes, provide exciting new fonts for your users from your own server or external hosts. It's all in your...
  7. lionhoho

    XF 1.5 How can we change the WYSIWYG editor to a basic editor?

    Hello, We got a problem here. When our users use iPhone reach our forum through WeChat integrated browser, they can't post anything because the whole input area just can't reach. It looks like a background picture, can't click on it. After I did some research, I found it is not XF's problem...
  8. Freelancer

    Won't fix Security Error through editor while switching Rich Text to BBCode

    Some add-ons utilize the Redactor Editor in the ACP. The following setting produces the infamous security error ("Security Error – hit back, refresh page" etc) Login to the front end as some test user* New browser tab, login to the ACP as admin* Visit add-on page with redactor text editor Click...
  9. ModdyLP

    Add Ressource Editors

    Hello can you add in the next version, that ressources can be edited by other users, which the owner speciefied by creating the ressource? I mean that you can give other users access to edit your ressource. Best Regards ModdyLP
  10. U

    XF 1.5 Editor BBCode buttons missing icons

    I noticed today that my editor for new posts looks like the following image. The buttons work fine, and the tooltips show up as expected but the icons appear to be missing. Any suggestions for how to fix this?
  11. XFA

    [XFA] Default Editor Format 1.1.2

    Description Have you ever wanted to have a default set when you make your post to avoid changing each time the font and formatting options ? This add-on solves this by providing you with configuration options in the usercp to set wether you want your text to be in bold, italic and/or underlined...
  12. enivid

    Add-on Ctrl+Enter to Post Reply and Create Thread

    Hello! I need an add-on that would allow members to use Ctrl+Enter (or Mac equivalent) to submit the form in post reply, create thread, and start conversation dialog. The attached add-on does a good job with this task, but it has the following limitations: 1. Does not work when rich editor is...
  13. Dadparvar

    XF 1.5 How to use editor in profile posts

    Hi, How to let users to use full xenforo editor in profile posts? (Also be able to upload picture and... there) Regards, Hamed
  14. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] Editor Post Templates 1.0.3

    Editor Post Templates Finally, you can get rid of that awful copy/paste work. Store your post template! Reuse your post templates! Create as many post templates as you like! Provide general templates for everyone! Features include: Create admin post templates in ACP Activate/deactivate admin...
  15. PatPeter

    XF 1.4 Cannot use BBCode Editor, No Server Errors

    When I click "Use BB Code Editor", I get the following message: The following error occurred: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server. I am getting no server errors. Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot this otherwise?
  16. Kevin

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Start "More Options in "Preview" Mode If Text Has Been Entered in Quick Reply Editor

    When clicking the "More Options" button from the quick reply editor it is 99% of the time (for me at least) just to be able to preview the post before saving it. It'd be really nice that if text has been entered in to the quick reply editor then when More Options is clicked that the full page...
  17. Adam K M

    New editor buttons - feedback:

    Hello guys, I just spent around an hour and fifteen minutes restyling the buttons/editor for xenForo's default editor, and I'm wondering... Yay or nay? What're your thoughts on this icon changeup? For those wondering, it uses (extended) Material Design Icons.
  18. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Font Awesome BBCode 1.0.0 Alpha 3

    Font Awesome BBCode A simple BBCode addition to allow the use of Font Awesome within posts. All 519 Font Awesome icons included... Control color, size, etc... Works in conversations... Great for Wiki's, Guides, FAQ's... Help Page Toolbar Font Awesome Choices Rich Text Editor...
  19. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] Allow Tabs in Redactor Editor 1.0.1

    What does this add-on do? This add-on adds the ability to insert and to copy and paste text containing tabs into the WYSIWYG editor. This add-on requires XenForo 1.2 or above as it requires the Redactor editor which is only included in those versions.
  20. Princeton

    [Suggestion] Move Editor Under Post Upon Clicking Reply

    Why not move the editor below the post upon clicking Reply? It will make it easier for everyone - no scrolling up/down. It will give Like-ers the option to leave a quick reply.