1. digitalpoint

    Not a bug Pasting tabs into WYSIWYG editor

    I feel like I can't possibly be the only one that runs into this, but I couldn't find an existing bug report... Pasting code snippets (and more specifically tabs) is screwy when in WYSIWYG editor mode... In BBCode mode (not WYSIWYG), it works as expected: /** * @param...
  2. Kruzya

    Not a bug Manual operations with drafts isn't available if user disabled WYSIWYG

    As said in title. This can be reproduced here. Just disable WYSIWYG (also called as "Toggle BB code") and try delete or save draft. This is not a big problem if we're talking about saving draft (because editor saves draft periodically), but we can't delete a saved draft without toggling a BB...
  3. XDinc

    Unmaintained [XTR] Remove Editor Toolbar or Selected Buttons 1.0.0

    Manage the message editor toolbar and remove unwanted button groups by user group permissions. ACP Options User Group Permissions Result,
  4. Julsfels

    Duplicate Can't type after emoji

    Hello, this problem: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/cant-type-after-emoji.203645/ seems to be still not fixed in 2.2.9. Thanks!
  5. joelyuk

    Duplicate Editor - JavaScript Error on Smileys/Media/GIPHY

    Hey, We've noticed that we are getting a JavaScript error whenever a smiley/media/giphy is inserted into the post after selecting one, resulting in the picker never closing. I've replicated this across several environments, themes, and also on demo forums created fresh on XenForo.com too...
  6. CycleChat

    Cannot reproduce Editor upload issue

    Since upgrading to XF 2.2 we've had a number of complaints about the editor and in particular one member can use it okay for a few days, then needs to clear the device cache and restart to get it working again (never had any problems with the editor in XF 2.1)...
  7. smozgur

    XF 2.2 Editor buttons data not valid.

    Only one user reported so far. Firefox (91.0.1esr 64bit) and Edge (94.0.992.50 64bit) on Windows 10. When they create a post, only Xenforo's default toolbar is loaded instead of the customized toolbar with the following error in the console (please see the screenshot). It only happens when...
  8. The Dark Wizard

    Third party Table Button - Mobile

    Hi, On Desktop, you can see what you are selecting like so: But on mobile, you can't really see what you are selecting. Here is an example: I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I wonder if it can be improved for the touch experience?
  9. rabbithunter

    Duplicate Photo/Image toolbar in the Editor, is not working - XF 2.2

    Same with the xenforo forum as well as my website. To this very image i uploaded here when i tap on it, the image toolbar drops for a split second and then gone! I am using Pixel 3 xl and Chrome latest version.
  10. audiokid

    Editor not working after upgrade with my Firefox

    Using firefox on a desktop: my editor is not working on the desktop browser. It however works for chrome and on iphone. Any suggestions ? I've tried clearing cache but that isn't working.
  11. Wildcat Media

    Fixed Indent

    So if I want to create a post. And I want to indent just this paragraph. I'm getting a list decoration in front of (or on top of) the indented paragraph in the editor. So it looks like this in the editor (don't mind the yellow--I only used that to make this stand out from the rest of...
  12. Kruzya

    Duplicate Emoji replaces to <img> tag in quotes in WYSIWYG mode

    Editor replaces any emoji symbol in quote author (if one has in username) to <img> tag, if editor uses in normal (WYSIWYG) mode (or you changed your active mode to WYSIWYG): If quoting operation is performed from simple mode (without rendering quotes and another bb-codes such as Bold, Italic...
  13. Kruzya

    Fixed Broken editor button bar height when editing a post

    In some cases, it is possible to get the wrong height of the button bar in the editor when opening a message in edit mode. For example: But the height of the button bar can be restored to its normal state if you simply stretch/shrink the browser window to height. Video demonstration: This...
  14. Kruzya

    Lack of interest Set quote author from editor

    Currently, when we insert the quote bb-code, we can't set manually quote author without toggling bb-code mode and inserting manually required title. I suggest make window for quote inserting like we can see if we insert bb-code code, but with input field.
  15. XFA

    [XFA] Default editor format - XF2 2.0.1

    Description Have you ever wanted to have a default set when you make your post to avoid changing each time the font and formatting options ? This add-on solves this by providing you with configuration options in the usercp to set wether you want your text to be in bold, italic and/or underlined...
  16. D

    XF 2.0 Editing aggressive code cleanup

    Is there any way to prevent the editor from messing with content within code tags? Members of our forum use code tags quite a bit, and often to make forms or examples out of bbcode. However, the editor aggressively strips these, as well as some formatting options. I'm writing this in the...
  17. Azaly

    Browser issue Copy-paste problem with formatting in editor

    When users with Microsoft Edge (v42.17134.1038.0) copy some text from other places (from conversations in our case) and then paste in editor it goes with formatting like font family, font size, image height and so on.
  18. Azaly

    XF 2.1 Image by URL as default instead of uploading in editor

    Hi once more time! Is it possible to change order of tabs of inserting image in editor? Or making second tab active by default like this:
  19. Kruzya

    Not a bug Can't upload multiple files on Drag and drop

    Select multiple files in files manager (by example, Windows Explorer). Drag and drop into editor on forum. Only one file will be uploaded. I expect uploading multiple files, as it works on XenForo v1.x. I'm not sure, browser problem or not, but i reprodused this issue on two browsers: Firefox...
  20. L

    XF 2.1 How to add wywisg editor in textbox

    When i want to edit the terms and rules page, i am a little confused why there are no wywisg editor on there. before editing phrase i also find some textbox that i think will better if has wywisg editor in there like tinymce or ckeditor or the basic one from xenforo is also okay(ish). is there...
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