Cannot reproduce Editor upload issue


Affected version
XF 2.2
Since upgrading to XF 2.2 we've had a number of complaints about the editor and in particular one member can use it okay for a few days, then needs to clear the device cache and restart to get it working again (never had any problems with the editor in XF 2.1):

Device details:


Several other members have had issue with uploading in particular - are there any known issues or incompatibilities with the editor and selected OS/browser versions?

Any idea how to resolve it? The member in question is on a multi-year bike tour and is making a great contribution to our community so it would be good to be able to help him out:

Members are still having issues uploading using the editor in 2.2.8

Are there going to be any editor changes/bug fixes in the up-coming 2.2.9 release? Is it possible that this issue will be addressed as part of that upgrade perhaps?

I'm at a loss to advise members other than to ask them to try alternative browsers, but it seems a bit weak after years of trouble-free uploading under XF 2.1; and whilst I appreciate the 2.2 editor is a different beast, surely the editor counts as one of the essential components of XF and at the very least members should expect its basic functions to work properly.

Of course, it could be something other than the editor, but if so it would be good to get some feedback on things to try to help establish what it may be so it can be resolved.

It seems specific to mobiles in that images uploaded via mobile devices are not appearing as thumbnails so it seems they have not uploaded, but when logging in on a PC and visiting the same thread, the saved editor post data does show the uploaded images are there - see additional thread updates (from here):

Continued upload issues for members, seemingly specifically on Android mobile devices:

Any idea what is causing this and how to resolve it please?

Uploaded attachments do not appear in editor on mobile device, but login on a laptop or PC and they are there!!

This is all since we upgraded to XF 2.2
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