1. Sim

    Cannot log in to using 3rd party passkey on Android 13

    EDIT - after doing some research, I believe this is not a bug, but rather a software limitation Turns out you cannot use 3rd party passkeys on Android 13 or below - you need Android 14 to use 1Password passkeys or YubiKey passkeys to log in to websites etc. Reference...
  2. Chromaniac

    XF 2.2 Getting floating back button on PWA on Android

    I updated to 2.2.13 this week and the first thing I noticed after the update was the floating back button inside PWA. This was surprising because I haven’t seen it here on the official community. I dived into existing posts and it looks like it is designed to appear only on iOS devices. I...
  3. CycleChat

    Cannot reproduce Editor upload issue

    Since upgrading to XF 2.2 we've had a number of complaints about the editor and in particular one member can use it okay for a few days, then needs to clear the device cache and restart to get it working again (never had any problems with the editor in XF 2.1)...
  4. K

    Disable emojis in smilie menu on Android and iOS 1.0.0

    This Add-on disables the display of emojis in smilie menu on Android and iOS. Showing emojis in smilie menu is useful on devices that usually do not have native support for selecting emojis (eg. desktop devices). It is less useful though on mobile devices powered by Android or iOS on the other...
  5. JoyFreak

    [JoyFreak] Custom PWA

    Open template PAGE_CONTAINER: Find: <link rel="manifest" href="{{ base_url('webmanifest.php') }}"> Replace: <link rel="manifest" href="{{ base_url('webmanifest.json') }}"> 1. Download the and extract the contents onto your desktop. 2. Open file webmanifest.json with notepad...
  6. M

    Browser issue Default XF2 style css inconsistencies on Android KitKat default browser

    On an Android KitKat 4.4.2 phone (Samsung branded with TouchWiz stock firmware) using the default browser, certain parts of the default XF2 theme don't render quite right. The inconsistencies I think are not game breaking, but they do detract from the feel of XenForo 2.0. Having said this, I do...
  7. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Replace Xenforo avatar on Android Ustream with our own logo?

    When on mobile (Android), when playing a stream from Ustream channel directly on the forum site, the pull-down menu (press finger and move downward on top of screen) shows a Xenforo icon. I'd like to change that so that the website logo shows. WHERE do I do this? I already changed the...
  8. Omniavos

    Add-on Xenforo Native App

    I need a xenforo's coder, able also with app development, to build a native app for iOS and Android. The app should support all xenforo's plugin and also i should maintain the source of app. In private, more details.
  9. kontrabass

    XF 1.5 HTML5 uploader and "file not supported" error on Android phone

    After switching to the HTML5 uploader, I have a user who is unable to post photos from his Android phone. I unfortunately don't have an Android device to test this on, so I'm wondering if anyone has any tips? Using old uploader: User hits "upload file" button and an interim window appears...
  10. W

    XF 1.5 Annoying pop-up asking for login constantly on smartphone

    I am permanently logged in to my account on my work pc and laptop at home, and this is working fine but from my iphone i am having trouble. I keep getting a pop up asking for verification of the account name and password. I have entered my nickname followed by my correct password but it just...
  11. K

    Add-on App Developer for my Xenforo

    I need one or more app developer (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) for a stable and continuously collaboration, oriented to develop app for my xenforo's community. I can give you features and add-on to develop till 2000-2500 € monthly. Let me know if you are interested
  12. abdfahim

    Browser issue Pasting content in a quoted reply on default android browser

    First of all I am not sure if this wired thing is an issue with XF or the default browser of my Samsung Note II (Android OS 4.4.2). What happens is when I reply to a post by clicking Reply button (so a quoted text appears in reply box) and then try to paste something from the clipboard, the...
  13. K

    Other Android and iOS app for my xenforo

    I need a coder that know xenforo and also expert in app development, for a native app for my xenforo community. More details in private
  14. N

    Add-on Display Notice based on User's Internet Browser Version

    I would like to display a notice, advising my users to upgrade to the latest version of their internet browsers (Chrome/FireFox/Safari/IE/all), only if they are using an older version of that browser. Thank you
  15. Azaly

    Browser issue Multi Quote bug on Android 4 with Opera mini 7.6

    My users report about bug with Multi Quote on Android 4.1.2 with Opera mini 7.6.40234. If they select text and tap on «+ Quote» button «Insert Quotes...» didn't appear. It they long tap on the screen then tap on «Paste» button «Insert Quotes...» appears, but couldn’t be tapped as well as...
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