XF 1.5 HTML5 uploader and "file not supported" error on Android phone


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After switching to the HTML5 uploader, I have a user who is unable to post photos from his Android phone. I unfortunately don't have an Android device to test this on, so I'm wondering if anyone has any tips?

Using old uploader: User hits "upload file" button and an interim window appears, listing files supported and upload works fine

Using HTML5 uploader: User hits "upload file" and it goes straight to his "documents" folder, giving him "FILE NOT SUPPORTED" error when he selects any photo (.jpg etc).

I'm trying to get a screenshot from user.
I tested with Android without any issues, but there are many potential variations with Android versions and browsers. It'd be helpful to know the device, Android version and browser details/version. A screenshot of the error would be important as I'm not clear if the error is something we're generating or being generated by the browser. If the latter, I'm not sure why it'd be different as the new uploader is built on a <input type="file" />.
Hey Mike, don't worry about it. User switched to firefox and it's working great. The browser in question is the default browser (android browser?) on his HTC DroidDNA. 5-year old phone. I don't have the Android version, but I think the latest version that runs on that phone is 4.4.2 kitkat.
A lot of people reportet this issue with android browser to us too. There seems to be a lot of android users who have this problem. Maybe worth a bug report?
No, it's only very old Android (and IOS and Blackberry, etc.) that do not support HTML5. It's an issue with using old technology, not a bug. Android < 6.0 (Mashmallow) is not even supported.
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