XF 1.5 HTML5 Uploader not working in Edge & Firefox

It seems HTML5 uploader in 1.5.12 isn’t compatible with Edge or Firefox. I have checked it with the latest version of Edge running on Windows 10, and I continuously get there was a problem uploading your file.

I tried disabling all three plugins I have in the forum (sidebar positions, insert attachment and tapatalk), however, it still didn’t work.

HTML5 uploader works fine on Chrome, however, not on other browsers.

Is there a way to enable it for Chrome and disable it for other browsers automatically?

I had flash uploader enabled as well, but that didn’t come into play in edge or firefox when HTML5 uploader was enabled.


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Thank you very much @Mike. I did figure it was cloudflare, after making this post here. Since after that I tried to upload image here with Edge and it worked. However, I couldn't narrow down the issue, until your reply. Thank you very much for this.