Flash uploader not working in Firefox


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Since the latest Firefox update, users of that browser cannot use the flash uploader on our site, the button simply isn't clickable.

As a test, we uninstalled the latest versions of Flash and FF locally and were able to use the flash uploader with FF12 and Flashplayer (3rd May). Updated to the latest versions again and the problem returns. This does not effect IE or Chrome.

We have disabled the flash uploader for the time being. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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button not clickable and revert to old version fixed it so...yes. Can't test with latest FF-update cause we disabled the Flash-uploader now for security reasons (swfupload)

Jake Bunce

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It's working for me. This is perhaps a client problem of some kind. Maybe browser or flash settings in FF. Just guessing.


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I suspect so too.

I think the problem appeared since Firefox 13 / and a new flash player update was released.
My personal browser settings have remained untouched for... years now.


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I've got the same issue. With Firefox the flash uploader for attachments doesn't work, on the other browsers it works. With the normal uploader I can upload files with Firefox. Everyone who tried this on my test forum with Firefox has got this issue.

Is there any solution or a possibility to deactivate the flash uploader just for firefox?
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