XF 1.5 New html5 Uploader


Hi all,

with new Update the html5 Uploader has been added.
I had disabled before in General the flash uploader for all users (user Profile -> preferences -> flash uploader).
How it works now with new uploader - if the flash uploader is disabled in users Profile and acp Option under attachments the new uploader will be used or is the html5 uploader a replacement and i need to enable the Profile Option back to use new uploader ?

I want that users generaly use html5 uploader and flash uploader is disabled for all. What Settings i have to do for this ?
acp Option -> attachments -> flash uploader disable, html5 uploader enable
users Profile preferences -> flash uploader disable

is that correct ?


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If you have enabled the HTML5 uploader and there aren't add-ons/outdated templates involved, users will always get that uploader; there are no options surrounding it. The user preference only applies to the Flash uploader which will only be used if there are places that haven't been updated to the new system (or you've disabled the new approach).