XF 1.5 HTML 5 image uploader

Brian M

With the recent release of Xenforo 1.5.12 , the old flash uploader was replaced with a HTML 5 uploader. For me this works fine, but I have had a few forum members saying that they can no longer upload images. I have been troubleshooting this via Conversations and have found that one of my members is using a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 4.3 , I have asked him to run a test on this site https://html5test.com, his device scores 285 out of 555, where as my android tablet running version 5.03 and I score 442, my work PC has Microsoft Edge and I get a score of 542.

I have directed him to use Tapatalk as an interim measure which is working fine, however my query is around the HTML 5 uploader, can anyone tell me what functions are used with the HTML 5 uploader , so I can check the report from https://html5test.com reports to prove or disprove it is his phone not supporting a specific function with the new uploader.



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It's more about this: http://caniuse.com/#feat=xhr2 There are some caveats with Android 4.3 though I don't believe they apply here. There's also a compatibility layer for older browsers (though given that it's listed as supported on 4.3, that shouldn't apply).

What happens when he tries to upload? Can he try using Chrome rather than the built in browser?