XF 1.5 Annoying pop-up asking for login constantly on smartphone

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I am permanently logged in to my account on my work pc and laptop at home, and this is working fine but from my iphone i am having trouble. I keep getting a pop up asking for verification of the account name and password. I have entered my nickname followed by my correct password but it just won't accept it! It's really getting annoying...
Also I have been noticed from other users on my forum that they are getting the same error in their Androids.
Any suggestion?

No idea what you're talking about. My knowledge about the htaccess is very limited. How should it be? permissions 777?
What I'm talking about is after hitting the "Enter the Site" on your main page it takes me to the forum home and then prompts me with the above.

I just checked again and now it no longer does it so apparently something has been changed. Are you still having the same issue on cell phone?

The screen shot you provided is very similar to my htaccess sign in to my ACP on my sites on my iPhone 7.
Well, yes, I already knew that when you hit that it enters and then prompt. I meant no idea how I can set permissions to a file in the server. It has 644 permissions now.
I haven't touch anything in this while, so everything keeps the same...
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