1. stacy.c

    XF 1.5 Responsive Landscape view on new iPhone (11)

    I'm seeing something new on an iPhone 11 that I have not seen on earlier device versions. The iPhone 10 may be similar, I don’t have one to check, but the responsive layout on my iPhone 7 Plus is fine. In Portrait mode the site looks fine — responsive code forces the sidebar to the bottom so...
  2. minions funny quote.jpg

    minions funny quote.jpg

  3. vinnymickey

    XF 2.0 Registering one iPhone

    Why is curser all over the place when trying to register on iPhone? Tried on two different phones?
  4. RobinHood

    Are there any add ons that support iPhone live photos?

    Seeing as they're effectively mini 1.5 seconds .mp4 videos, I'm guessing there's no support for these in posts yet? Has anyone released anything or had anything developed to utilise live photos on their forum or the media gallery?
  5. Switch next to iPhone 7 Plus

    Switch next to iPhone 7 Plus

    Source https://mic.com/tech
  6. W

    XF 1.5 Annoying pop-up asking for login constantly on smartphone

    I am permanently logged in to my account on my work pc and laptop at home, and this is working fine but from my iphone i am having trouble. I keep getting a pop up asking for verification of the account name and password. I have entered my nickname followed by my correct password but it just...
  7. jauburn

    RM 1.1 Clicking Download link on iPhone (6) results in gray screen

    When I click the Download link from the iPHone 6 to download a PDF, I should see the link to open the PDF in ibooks, but instead nothing but a gray screen is displayed in Safari. I can click the "switch windows" icon in the lower right and see the ibook link, but I can't actually see it or click...
  8. RockThatClock

    XF 1.4 Different navigation on phone

    Hello guys. I have a question. Why is the navigation menu different on iPhone? And how do i eventually fix it, if there is an option for it? (this is how it looks on pc, and thats how I want it to look like on mobile devices) (thats how it looks like on my phone) As you can see, on my iPhone...
  9. Kintaro

    iOS 9 Beta

    I installed on my iPhone 4s and is fast, maybe a little faster than 8.4.1.
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