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XF 1.5 Replace Xenforo avatar on Android Ustream with our own logo?

When on mobile (Android), when playing a stream from Ustream channel directly on the forum site, the pull-down menu (press finger and move downward on top of screen) shows a Xenforo icon.

I'd like to change that so that the website logo shows. WHERE do I do this?

I already changed the Facebook logo with our own, but it didn't change anything.


Thanks! However I actually changed the file itself, so that anywhere the file is called by name it will pull that one.


Anything else I could try?


Well-known member
Assuming you don't have a favicon, that should do it as I'm not aware of anywhere else that XF icon appears. :) But not sure how long Android caches the original image.

For convenience though you should change the image to a different file instead of overwriting the XF one because you'll have to keep overwriting it each time you do a XF upgrade (the XF open graph image is part of the upgrade package files)
Ah. Good idea to use a different filename. And yes the favicon was changed a few days ago t this too.

But you mentioned something I haven't tried: cache. I'll try that later and report back.