XF 2.2 Getting floating back button on PWA on Android


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I updated to 2.2.13 this week and the first thing I noticed after the update was the floating back button inside PWA. This was surprising because I haven’t seen it here on the official community. I dived into existing posts and it looks like it is designed to appear only on iOS devices.

I checked through style properties and settings but could not find any option to disable it. I created a brand-new theme without any modification and it still has the back button. Also tried $config['enableListeners'] = false; and this also did not change the PWA on Android behavior.

I just want to understand what is going on here. Did I miss something, and do I have to manage some setting to get it to not appear on Android devices? Thanks!

PS: I do not want to remove the code for the back button as it seems to have value for iOS users.
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