1. JoyFreak

    [JoyFreak] Custom PWA

    Open template PAGE_CONTAINER: Find: <link rel="manifest" href="{{ base_url('webmanifest.php') }}"> Replace: <link rel="manifest" href="{{ base_url('webmanifest.json') }}"> 1. Download the and extract the contents onto your desktop. 2. Open file webmanifest.json with notepad...
  2. S

    Apple Sign In

    More info here: and here: Attract more users by allowing Sign In via Apple ID.
  3. truonglv

    Other XF in ios app native

    Hi all, I am creating an iOS app in native.
  4. Aayush

    Unmaintained [ForumApps] Native Mobile Apps for XenForo 1.2.0

    Are you tired of hearing your users complain about how your forum looks when browsing via mobile devices? How about the fact you have no real native mobile app in place? Don’t want to give out your private forum data to Tapatalk anymore? Gone are the days of your users' data being on third party...
  5. Omniavos

    Add-on Xenforo Native App

    I need a xenforo's coder, able also with app development, to build a native app for iOS and Android. The app should support all xenforo's plugin and also i should maintain the source of app. In private, more details.
  6. The Dark Wizard

    Fixed Can't post on Firefox iOS

    Hey, So after it being brought to me by several of my members, I realized that iOS Firefox stopped allowing me to post on xf sites. Here's a screenshot of what the editor looks like from a random thread I picked here at All the editor buttons I can see while on safari are...
  7. K

    Add-on App Developer for my Xenforo

    I need one or more app developer (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) for a stable and continuously collaboration, oriented to develop app for my xenforo's community. I can give you features and add-on to develop till 2000-2500 € monthly. Let me know if you are interested
  8. K

    Other Android and iOS app for my xenforo

    I need a coder that know xenforo and also expert in app development, for a native app for my xenforo community. More details in private
  9. Kintaro

    iOS 9 Beta

    I installed on my iPhone 4s and is fast, maybe a little faster than 8.4.1.