1. digitalpoint

    Better handling of push subscriptions in PWA

    Was logged into the XF PWA app and then changed my password from my computer, which logged my out of PWA as expected (even though I was still getting push notifications). When I logged back into PWA, I realized I wasn’t getting push notifications anymore (and also didn’t get the small notice to...
  2. digitalpoint

    Extend time for 2FA reauthentication when the session is used

    It would be nice if a device is being actively used wouldn't need to reauth 2FA every 30 days. Especially nice for the PWA app. Going to be terribly annoying when users have to re-login to the app all the time. Applies to the site as a whole, but especially PWA.
  3. digitalpoint

    Confirmed Use statechange listener in PWA app

    Have an event listener that fires when the app is loaded so you can refresh CSRF token and/or fetch counters (for conversations and alerts).
  4. digitalpoint

    Auto log-in user on PWA app

    Instead of _pwa=1, have it be _pwa={some sort of token unique to the user that can log them in automagically} (if it's a logged in user) and then use that token.
  5. digitalpoint

    Prominent push notification request if in PWA app

    If the user is in the PWA app, give a more noticeable push notification enable message. XF.alert('Yo, do you want push notifications in this fancy app? [Yes/No]', '', 'Push notifications available');
  6. Mr. Jinx

    Update PWA manifest

    The manifest file could use an update with new recommended settings. When trying to create a package for the stores, a required setting pops up which prevents the building: 'Icons should have one icon with purpose set to any, and one for maskable' In the XF manifest file, there is an icon with...
  7. Mike Fara

    Fixed Chrome PWA may stop working in Chrome 93

    Well it will be awhile, but judging how quickly Chrome 89 is out, the developers probably should know about this. F12 -> Application from the PWA and you will get the warning. At some point, when Chrome 93 hits, the PWA will probably stop working. Improving Progressive Web App offline...
  8. JoyFreak

    [JoyFreak] Custom PWA

    Open template PAGE_CONTAINER: Find: <link rel="manifest" href="{{ base_url('webmanifest.php') }}"> Replace: <link rel="manifest" href="{{ base_url('webmanifest.json') }}"> 1. Download the and extract the contents onto your desktop. 2. Open file webmanifest.json with notepad...
  9. C

    XF 2.2 PWA won't work

    Since about 7 days it won't work. I think it works on my mobile, but not on my chrome browser. On this forum here, I see the but not on my page.
  10. Kruzya

    Fixed PWA: resource download starts "infinite" loading of something

    If user clicks on button "Download", PWA starts load something.
  11. RobinHood

    Browser issue PWA Notifications open a new app window instance with ever new notification

    On Windows 10, Chrome. I installed the PWA. With every new windows notification that comes in it seems to open a new instance of the web app instead of using the already open one. Not sure if it can be set to open the link in the existing window?
  12. B

    Lack of interest Xenforo PWA app framework

    Are there plans to develop a PWA based app or framework to make forums work better on mobile devices?
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