1. ibnesayeed

    Fixed Furling fails when a URL is copied from Chrome address bar

    It looks like when the URL of a loaded page is copied from Google Chrome's address bar, it is copied as a formatted HTML URL. Pasting it in the RTE results in auto-linking, which fails to furl. Below is a potentially unfurled link where @Chris D asked me to report it as a bug (pasting the...
  2. The Dark Wizard

    Fingerprint Sensor Support

    I noticed that there are requests for the Web API but my request is in relation to the new functionality coming in Chrome 70 that brings the use of the Macbook Sensor and Android Sensor (possibly iPhone face unlock?) to websites. My suggestion is for this to be included in xenforo...
  3. Sim

    Duplicate Cannot change option display order in Chrome

    When using Chrome "Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)" on Windows 10, I cannot change the display order of any options. No number appears in the display order box, I can't type in it and the spin buttons don't work This occurs on multiple machines using this version of Chrome. I...
  4. Neutral Singh

    Add-on Display Notice based on User's Internet Browser Version

    I would like to display a notice, advising my users to upgrade to the latest version of their internet browsers (Chrome/FireFox/Safari/IE/all), only if they are using an older version of that browser. Thank you
  5. radenmas

    XF 1.5 Uploaded file not shown while posting, but surprisingly it is uploaded

    Hello, i encountered weird problem. When posting new thread or reply, i can click "upload file" to upload stuff. But the picture i upload wont appear, so i can't insert it into the post. surprisingly, if you submit the post anyway, the pictures do get listed in the attachments. I also can...
  6. daviden

    XF 1.4 Freezing and long load times in chrome

    Hi, Got some reports from members using chrome, both on mobile (android and iPhone) and desktop, about the site being terrible slow and sometimes the tab freezes. Also slow text input when typing, takes a while before the typed text shows up. The site is lightning fast on Safari (and other...
  7. Daniel Hood

    Unmaintained [Google Chrome] Notifications

    Download Forum Alerts Chrome Extension If you use Google Chrome and you visit any XenForo powered forums, this extension enabled you to receive notifications without being on that forum. The extension checks the sites you go to, to see if XenForo is powering it. If it is, it checks to see if...
  8. Daniel Hood

    [Google Chrome] Notifications

    Daniel Hood submitted a new resource: [Google Chrome] Notifications - Receive notifications from XenForo communities that you frequent without being on their sites. Read more about this resource...