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Unmaintained [Google Chrome] Notifications

Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.0
  2. 1.1
  3. 1.2
Additional requirements
Google Chrome
Download Forum Alerts Chrome Extension

If you use Google Chrome and you visit any XenForo powered forums, this extension enabled you to receive notifications without being on that forum.

The extension checks the sites you go to, to see...
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Daniel Hood
First release
Last update
4.64 star(s) 11 ratings

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Latest reviews

Been using it since it was 1st released. Great Add-on! Nice to receive alerts from all xenForo forums I visit in one place.
Tried it for several weeks. This definitely needs an update.
It still has several bugs, The notifications still pops up even though i click the x. It gets really annoying.

I wish we could choose which forums we want notifications from.

Uninstalled it. But it has potential.
Daniel Hood
Daniel Hood
The notifications continuing to pop up isn't a bug. It was never advertised to choose which forums you'd get the notifications from.
I have been using this for a while now, though I don't thinK i found it here, and it has been really good to let me know of new alerts in different communities I visit.
Daniel Hood
Daniel Hood
Nice. Glad you're getting use out of it.
Great stuff! Just wish the users didn't show as "Viewing unknown page"
Daniel Hood
Daniel Hood
They shouldn't anymore. None do on XenForo.com/community itself. Could you possibly elaborate on your current forum version along with any addons you have installed? So far there's only one site I know of that still has that issue.
Without this addon, I used to have to leave forums open or rely on my phone (via Tapatalk) notify me of new notices, ect. Which wasn't a great solution since so few forums support Tapatalk.

This addon is amazing, everyone that runs Chrome should be using it.
Daniel Hood
Daniel Hood
I'm glad it is helping you unclutter your tabs.
I have been using this for a while, its great!
Daniel Hood
Daniel Hood
Thank you.
I agree with Adam Howard, Chrome has been crashing a lot for me, so I switched back to Firefox and would love to check it out, if it's possible on FF.
Daniel Hood
Daniel Hood
Not sure when I'll get to a Firefox one but I'm glad you like the Chrome one.
Works great!
Daniel Hood
Daniel Hood
Glad you're enjoying it.
Nicely done. Now all we need is one for Firefox too. lol - Keep up the good work.
Daniel Hood
Daniel Hood
Thank you.
Daniel Hood
Daniel Hood
Thank you
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