Lack of interest Set quote author from editor

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Currently, when we insert the quote bb-code, we can't set manually quote author without toggling bb-code mode and inserting manually required title.
I suggest make window for quote inserting like we can see if we insert bb-code code, but with input field.
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Oo, I had not caught that change in 2.2 yet. When you click the " button, it inserts a quote "box". To see the tags and add an =<quoted person> you need to toggle. In 2.1 (yes, I checked my board), even if you're not toggled, it inserts the quote tags and you can edit them. Interesting. I sometimes use that when I'm posting a quote from an external source (e.g. a Bible quote since we are a religion board) to add the reference. Not sure if I like it or not. I can handle it but most of my users have no idea what that toggle does so could be confusing. I think my users would prefer either the 2.1 behaviour or someplace in the quote box to type the attribution.