Design issue Somewhat confusing / suboptimal handling of QUOTE bb codes by WYSIWYG editor

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Consider the following BB code:


Now assume that the user wants to merge both quotes by removing the closing and opening QUOTE tags in the middle (using WYSIWYG mode where he actually doesn't see the I tag). After saving the post, the merge is "magically" undone and the quote is split in two parts again (doesn't matter whether he/she uses the del key or the backspace key to remove the characters).

Maybe the problem is that the the I element was wrapped around the QUOTE element in the first place (instead of being wrapped by it)? (The WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to do that.)
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We've wrangled with a few approaches to address this, but really it just results in other bugs. The process happening here is actually a deliberate one - if the BB code was parsed exactly as it was written, it would produce invalid HTML, sort of equivalent to:
And that would be somewhat worse than having some element of auto-correction.

There may be other solutions or wokrarounds but currently comfortable to treat this as being an acceptable trade off.