XF 2.2 Call the editor without a toolbar?



is it possible to implement the editor (either via <xf:editor>, <xf:editorrow> or the 'editor' macro, for example from the quick_reply_macros template) and then to specifically disable the toolbar for that instance of the editor? And just to make clear: I do not want to disable the toolbar in general, just for the editor instance I'm calling.

Thanks for any help!
Depending on what you want to remove from the editor, you'd just use remove="" in your template.

For example, if you wanted to remove basically everything from the editor, you could use the following in your template:

<xf:editorrow removebuttons="{{ ['_basic','_extended','_link','_list','_align','_indent','_smilies','_image','_media','_block'] }}" />

You can also limit this to only remove individual buttons too, so if you only wanted to remove the bold button you could use:

<xf:editorrow removebuttons="{{ ['bold'] }}" />

I think it is worth mentioning, in case it's not obvious, that this won't do anything to prevent someone from manually using bbCode.
By the way, if you're looking for a way to code this to not allow specific bbCode to be used, while also removing it from the editor, take a look at how it's implemented, using permissions, in the signature editor.
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