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When performing xF cli upgrade, after upgrade is complete you are prompted ...
Upgrade completed successfully.

We are making some changes to the anonymous statistics that we collect.
* We would like to collect information about which official XenForo add-ons you have enabled.
* We would also like to collect information about the total number of third-party add-ons you have enabled.
Send anonymous usage statistics (PHP, MySQL, XF usage)? (y/n)
The question comes with a default response ( y or n, I cannot remember which it is, I believe y)

As the upgrade can take considerable time going through its upgrade steps, if you press enter at anytime through the upgrade process, that press of the enter key is automatically taken for the usage statistics query, thus you're accepting what the default response it, without actual intention and/or relevance to the question. This likely has privacy and/or GDPR implications.

Thus, the upgrade process should either flush/clear the keyboard buffer prior to the question, or not have a default answer that is automatically accepted by any keypress during the upgrade steps.
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