XF 1.5 Upgrade from XF 1 to 2. URL structure changes from bd reroute

I'm thinking it's finally time to upgrade my XF 1.5 site to the last XF 2, but before I buy the upgrade I have a question.

In the past I've been put off by the big changes this would cause to my URL structure and the knock-on effect on SEO. I'm currently using the [bd] reroute plugin (in XF1) to give me URLs like this:


That is:


Does anyone know the best option to replicate this on XF 2 or how can I mitigate any potential nightmare with search ranking?

Thanks in advance

Tracy Perry

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Sorry, but don't know off the top of my head or anything that might do this...
But one thing it DOES show is that your URL links really don't matter to SEO. Every time I've looked, the URL is not what is shown in the title of a search page.... it's always been the topic search. It's the pursuit of "looking pretty" that causes a lot of issues for folks. It's been shown time and time again that the URL has VERY little bearing on SEO, and has more to do with the concern of the admin of the URL "looking pretty" for simply vanities sake. You can chase "minutiae" to the point of being useless. Even thought the sites that sell you "SEO tips" would like you to believe it, URL structure has very little to do with their search rankings.

I'm sure that rewrites can be put into place to cover for them, but well beyond what I'd want to attempt.
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