url redirection

  1. Neutral Singh

    XF 1.5 Removing URL Redirection Scripts for vBulletin 3.x by Kier

    @Jake Bunce @Chris D Its been two years since i migrated to xF! On my server, i still have these files... showthread.php, showpost.php, forumdisplay.php, printthread.php, 301config.php, attachment.php member.php Should i remove these files now? And what else should i do to...
  2. electrogypsy

    XF 1.5 question about nginx matching all strings for folder

    Hey guys, I'm using @Liam W 's vanity urls plugin and I'm having an issue with urls. This plugin rewrites the url to a member's profile. It works fine, except for one user that has the term 'library' in his username (it's like 'library-gnome' or something like that). The url to his profile is...
  3. dotpro

    XF 1.5 How to handle 13 year old forum/gallery migration?

    Hi, I know it has to be done but I've put it off for last year or so. I've slowly switched my smaller websites from vB to XF and now I have a bigger and 13 year old forum and gallery website which needs to move. So far I've done some manual redirection of the photopost gallery to new one. I...