1. hibiskus

    Add-on Language Nodes (Request)

    Me and at least 58 registered people additionally would need a "Language Nodes"-Addon. Here is a fool explanation and you can work/ask with OP for further requirements/functions. I am willing to put 350€ on the table for custom code...
  2. E

    XF 2.2 A lot of errors after installation (Please help)

    I installed XF2, the UI.X Pro Theme, and have imported the style and js files into my website's folder through FileZilla multiple times, but my logo keeps getting broken and I cannot hide the left-side menu by clicking on the 3-bar icon in the corner (it does nothing). It is the same case for...
  3. E

    Not a bug [TH] Covers add-on error

    I recently have been getting this error after I downloaded the ThemeHouse add-on Covers. I am at a loss as to what this means. Could you be kind enough to assist me in fixing this error please? Thank you!
  4. V

    Advent calendar

    Hello community, winter is comming and next month the advent is starting. I am looking for an addon similar to an advent (christmas calendar) so I can do daily giveaways to my community. It would be nice to have something with a graphical interface, so users can open doors every day. I am not...
  5. zealnpossession

    Custom Addon - XF2

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this but i´ll just go ahead. So, I'm thinking of building a forum that supports two languages. Not complete translation, but just the posts(if the user wishes to see it in that language). I have all the translated stuff ready with me, so I was...
  6. JasonBrody

    XF 2.1 Traces of add-on data inside database after uninstall

    Hi :) I'd like to know if I uninstall an add-on / delete it from xenforo forum, then does it still keep traces inside database or any other xenforo directory ? Just like WordPress does where plugin data's still remains in database as well as other WordPress directories even after...
  7. Agentos

    SEO Addon 2020

    I need SEO addon something like that
  8. E

    How to disable user post again in certain time?

    hello is there an addon for disabling a user group to post a thread again in a certain time to avoid spamming?
  9. K

    XF 2.1 Please advise solution to reward points for posting

    I have a Q&A forum, where a new post is a question asked by a User and replies are made by Experts with the answer. Ideally, I'd like to organise reward points system where automatically points would be rewarded for stating a new thread (asking a question), for the first reply (first answer...
  10. Mr. Jinx

    XF 2.1 Remove files with add-on?

    I have an add-on that installed some extra javascript libraries using build.json (additional_files). For a newer version of the add-on, those libraries are not needed anymore. Is it possible to uninstall / remove those files for those who are going to upgrade the add-on?
  11. Rasteri

    Lack of interest Timeline feature/add-on for thread view

    Hi, i would like to have a sticky timeline feature for thread view. (follows when scrolling down replies in thread) Is there someone who can do this as add-on? I hope, I sent this thread to the right place.
  12. dondomainer

    Not a bug deleted this - no bug here

    solved -- my bad!
  13. Agentos

    User change (choice) logo in navigation menu

    I am looking for an add-on in which the user can choose a logo that will be displayed in the navigation menu.
  14. Julio Franco

    XF 2.1 Custom canonical

    We are working in integrating our site’s main backend and xenforo. One of the things we need is to customize the canonical url for threads (only threads in a specific forum) and some member pages (staff members), but we can’t figure out how to do this correctly: The first thing we tried was...
  15. Masetrix

    Unmaintained Language: German/Deutsch for Liam Ws Addon Member Self Delete 2019-09-02

    German Language for: Deutsche Sprache für:
  16. WeaponOwl

    Unmaintained Custom Style Option Group Colors Picker 2.0.0 Alpha

    Description: Add non basics color from style options to color picker and colors preview. Finally you can avoid that unknown colors. How to use: Just install addon and open any style with custom color options. Addon will add all currect style colors and all its parent colors as separated tabs...
  17. Agentos

    Level System XF2

    Who can create level system?
  18. Agentos

    XF 2.0 Avatars + name members online now?

    Is it possible to set avatar + name in members online? I can pay for it example
  19. Agentos

    Reputation Addon

    Hello. I am looking for such an add-on, but I do not know what it's called. Can anyone help?
  20. treminaor

    XF 2.1 Need help debugging custom cron job

    I have been working on porting an old VB4 forum into XenForo 2.1 and one of the things the owner called for is their custom newsletter system to be ported over. It was basically a single php file running on unix cron that did a hacky read of the VB4 database of users, grabbed their email, and...