Im looking for an way or addon that provides the function to add a image slideshow / image 3d slider to the description of the resource i create.
When i create a resource with the xfrm, i always have a ton of pictures for that specific resource.

the user needs to scroll down to see all the pictures step by step.
When they click on one picture they have a image preview and they can skip pictures to the end (thats a basic function of XF or the XFRM)
But most people dont know that and it looks ugly when the resource is so long because of all that images.

I need an addon or a way to show the pictures like this on top of the description: 1641222618885.png

Does anyone know a addon for that ?
or can someone code me something like that ?


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We can develop this solution for you. Please start a private conversation if this job is still open?