1. nesman

    XF 2.2 adding notice banner to adding a resource

    Hello, I am looking at how to add a notice banner for when users are adding a resource. Wondering if anyone has done it before for this popup and could give some insight.
  2. GameNet

    [NICK97] XFRM Wishlist - XF2 2.2.4 Patch Level 3

    Do you want to your customer or your user that could keep track your resources? Or Do you want your products be stand-out? If you ever think that, we support you with this add-on. This add-on is aimed to create a wishlist for each of shopping people as they wish. By doing this, the resources...
  3. PaulB

    Fixed XFRM: getDefaultWatchNotifyData implementations change visibility

    getDefaultWatchNotifyData is protected in the abstract class \XFRM\Notifier\ResourceUpdate\AbstractWatch but public in the following subclasses: \XFRM\Notifier\ResourceUpdate\CategoryWatch \XFRM\Notifier\ResourceUpdate\ResourceWatch
  4. Cl0udzz

    XFRM - Updated Resources on top

    Im looking for an Addon that provides me the function that when i update a resource, that this resource will appear on top like a fresh new one. Is there anything out there like this ? Should be done automatically when i update the resource.
  5. Cl0udzz

    Slideshow for XFRM Resource description

    Im looking for an way or addon that provides the function to add a image slideshow / image 3d slider to the description of the resource i create. When i create a resource with the xfrm, i always have a ton of pictures for that specific resource. the user needs to scroll down to see all the...
  6. Marcus

    give correct error message instead of "oops"

    If I enter a new resource without a file and forget to click on "not a file upload" option there is just the "oops" response. It would be better to give a reason for the "oops" like "you forgot to upload a file" response.
  7. M

    As designed Review snippet Invalid object type for "itemReviewed" field

    This morning I'm receiving this error from the Search Console. Is relative to a review let from an user on a resource. It seems that aggregateRating is inside a 'Service' but it shouldn't go there. How can be fixed this?
  8. F

    Update/edit own resources - separate permissions

    Hi, related to this thread https://xenforo.com/community/threads/update-edit-own-resources.193345/ I would like to suggest: A way to split the permissions to update and edit an own resource separately. I would like to allow certain resource owners to update their resources only, but not edit...
  9. F

    RM 2.2 Update/edit own resources

    Hi, I didn't find a similar question so far. Is there a way to split the permissions to update and edit an own resource? I would like to allow certain resource owners to update their resources only, but not edit them. Currently it's a combined permission: "Update/edit own resources" Thank you...
  10. DrCustUmz

    Unmaintained [DRC] xFRM Donations [Lite] 1.0.0

    This was my first addon, and I wanted it to be a gift. It still functions although I will not be maintaining it. Any updates / changes will occur in the plus version located here. Today is my 30th birthday and I present you with a gift! My first addon for xF, it's not much but I am very...
  11. Kruzya

    Unmaintained Donation requisites for resource authors

    Do you like the authors' resources on your forum? We love own content makers, so we made it possible to fill them in once in the account settings and show them in all resources. Next template modification what i want describe doesn't respects the existence another resource team members and shows...
  12. Kruzya

    Fixed "Requested resource not found" and resource_state field

    If we're open any default XF code, we can see overriding $error text. For example, for threads, if user can't view thread (because "deleted"/"moderated"), he receives default error reason "The requested thread could not be found": In XFRM error text doesn't overriden if user can't view...
  13. Kruzya

    Meta improvements for resource page

    I suggest: Add to meta image - resource icon (if added) For example, if i post link on my resource here: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/7579/ We're see XenForo community logo, but resource has own logo, what can be used like this (note: this is a screenshot): Use short description...
  14. N

    XenForo Ressource Manager - FRENCH translation [Deleted]

    Nikodak submitted a new resource: XFRM 2.2 FRENCH Translation - Full French translation for XFRM 2.2 Read more about this resource...
  15. TickTackk

    Resource Manager Stats Widget 1.0.0

    Resource Manager Stats Widget for XenForo Description This add-on allows showing resource manager statistics in a widget. Requirements PHP 7.3+ XenForo Resource Manager 2.1.0+ Widget Definitions Definition Description Resource manager statistics (tck_xfrm_stats) Displays a...
  16. Kruzya

    Fixed PWA: resource download starts "infinite" loading of something

    If user clicks on button "Download", PWA starts load something.
  17. Kruzya

    Unmaintained [XFRM] Edit history 1.0.0 Alpha

    This addon adds a edit history feature support for XFRM. Edit history saves for resource description and all next resource updates.
  18. T

    XF 2.1 Multiple RM Copies In The Same Installation

    Hello Xenforo Team, I want to run three copies of RM in the same installation. Do I need to purchase the RM Add-on three times? Just want to confirm if that is possible to do. If yes, how do I make the payment.
  19. S

    Unmaintained WBB - XFRM Info Notice 1.0

    This add-ons is used to show notification within the XenForo resource manager. You can display at three different locations. 1-Resource Home 2-Resource Category Page 3-Resource View Features: Usergroup Permissions Turn on and off each notification individually Select body animation Select...
  20. iCode

    Unmaintained [iCode] Show File Size And Extension 2.1.1

    Description: This add-on show/hide resource file size and extension. Features: user group permissions to show/hide. Screenshots: Show file size and extension Group permissions Installation: Copy the contents of the folder "upload" to your forum Go to your xenForo admin control panel...
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