Lack of interest Talking about modernization on 2.2, we need a some kind of "meta description" for unfurl URLs when sharing and "main image" (or cover) for SEO purpose

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Is all about SEO improvements and since we now have a official solution for articles threads, this can by apply to normal threads too.

Like, when we share a link, the nice little box appear, with the text description of the first post, right? This is not the ideal thing when sharing our links to social media, even with search services.

Sometimes, we need some SEO introduction when sharing the links and this can easily be solved by adding a box for "SEO description" when creating a any kind of thread.

The AMS add-on from @Bob really do a nice solution for this, in the same way, we do have a option to set a meta image when sharing, specially on social media.

Sharing links with just the XenForo logo of our Forum is not sufficient.

This is really just a easy implementation to 2.2: set a text box for SEO/meta description and a option to "use first image as a main image" or something like that.

Thank you very much for your attention and i hope this helps everybody.
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