image preview

  1. Cl0udzz

    Slideshow for XFRM Resource description

    Im looking for an way or addon that provides the function to add a image slideshow / image 3d slider to the description of the resource i create. When i create a resource with the xfrm, i always have a ton of pictures for that specific resource. the user needs to scroll down to see all the...
  2. Julsfels

    Cannot reproduce Attachment thumbnail images are only links

    Hello, I just upgraded a test backup of our forums to version 2.2.0 (which is so exiting!), and my firt step was to check out the new rich text editor. I immediately ran into the following problem: When I attach pictures and insert them into the post as thumbnail, the pictures are shown...
  3. KevRog

    XF 1.5 How to change the image preview for posts on social media

    When we post a thread on Facebook, it provides an image preview not related to the company. We would like to change it to the company logo. How do you go about this?
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