Cannot reproduce Attachment thumbnail images are only links


Affected version

I just upgraded a test backup of our forums to version 2.2.0 (which is so exiting!), and my firt step was to check out the new rich text editor.

I immediately ran into the following problem:

When I attach pictures and insert them into the post as thumbnail, the pictures are shown correct as long as I am in the editor.


As soon as I save the post, the thumbnail images disappear and only links remain.


Inserting the full view image works as expected, only the thumbnail images (above) are links.


Did I miss something? I checked the attachment options in the APC and the rights, but everythings seems to be ok so far.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: okay, checked it here, and here it works as expected. So obviously it seems to be a problem concerning my installation.
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I was going to ask if you could reproduce it here, but your edit has caught that.

Can you trigger this with just a single image? Can you also explain step-by-step how you reproduce it, as that might give us some hints?

Beyond that, the most helpful thing may be if you can provide a URL where we can see the issue happening after you've posted, as that may point us to the problem more directly.
Not at the moment, I am sorry. We are not productive yet, I am migrating an old vBulletin 3.8 Forum to xenForo, so at the moment we have an instance that represents the future productive environment and an instance which our users are testing at the moment.

As I developed a bunch of AddOns for our needs, I upgraded the first instance to 2.2.0 (from 2.1.11) to check the AddOns, and there the issue occured.
But yesterday, I deleted the whole installation and made a complete fresh install and a new import of our database (to check, if the import process still works), and now the issue is gone.

So it might have something to do with the difference between installing new and upgrading?

When I am done with my AddOn adjustments, I will upgrade the test instance to 2.2.2, too and then have a look if the issue appears again.

If so, I am going to post a link here.

Thanks for your answer!
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