1. Merlin07

    XF 2.2 [Attachments] Increasing upload size

    Is there a way to override or make the upload size much bigger than 262,144kb in general? I'm trying make a section in a specific forum where certain things can be uploaded but I need them to be much larger but noticed there's a limit overall to uploads
  2. CStrategies

    Not a bug Duplicate file browser dialogue windows during attachment manager file upload

    Not sure if this is a bug, because we have plenty of custom code on our website. But just in case anyone has experience with this unique issue, help is appreciated. We have received scattered reports of users clicking the file attach through the attachment manager, it opens a file browse...
  3. Coop1979

    XF 2.2 Help creating Nginx url redirects from BD [Attachment Store] to default url schema

    I'm moving from 1.5 to 2.2.x and have run into a bit of a road block with trying to move back to core over continuing to use BD [Attachment Store]. Right now all of my attachments are served by the add-on at urls like...
  4. Sal Collaziano

    XF 2.2 What could cause an attachment thumbnail to be broken?

    There was a change to an Apache setting on my server and I had to fix a few issues - but I'm stuck on this. It's only an issue with attachments since the change. All old attachment thumbnails are displaying. And to note, even with the attachments that have broken image thumbnails, clicking...
  5. CStrategies

    RM 2.2 Edit / Delete Resource Files

    I see that in a previous thread, a user asked about editing a Resource file after it has been uploaded. The answer was "post an update" and the thread was closed. We have a user who accidentally uploaded two copies of the same file. First, this should not be possible. I'm surprised the...
  6. zoldos

    XF 2.2 problems with GD Image AND Imagemagick!

    I haven't noticed this until recently (but hadn't uploaded a large pic yet, so I don't know). Anyway, when Imagemagick PECL extension is selected in Admin --> Attachments (and it does show it as enabled on both XF Admin and my cPanel), animated GIFs work properly when posted in a thread, but, I...
  7. JamesE

    XF 2.2 Xenforo Attachments

    I have a current XF installation with around 60GB of attachments. I would ideally like to offload these to a Cloud CDN of our own (I currently have one for non-forum assets running our own AWS setup). What are the steps to 1) Move the assets to a remote CDN 2) Connect them back to the correct...
  8. biafraland

    XF 2.2 PDF Attachment Permission Control for Non Admins

    Hello, I'd like to know if there's a way to set custom permission for moderators such that - they can add attachments to threads but can't delete them. To explain this further, I'll make a little description below: The Issue: My forum has threads that are updated from time to time with...
  9. ActorMike

    XF 2.2 Attach Files Button Gone after upgrade from 2.1

    Recently upgraded to 2.2. Everything seemed to go well except users no longer have the attach files button, but admins can see it. Assume it's a permission issues, but I don't see where this permission would be. Upload attachments to posts is set to yes for registered users.
  10. Kruzya

    Fixed "Unassociated attachments" and hourly cleanup

    I started translating a series of articles one week ago on Russian language. In first day i translated fully a three articles and started translation fourth article. I haven't finished translating it, and just saved draft. On my forum, drafts are kept one month. You can say "oh my god, it is too...
  11. BasilFawlty

    XF 2.2 Members browse/ delete their own attachments?

    In my VB system, members could go into settings >> attachments and view / delete attachments. This was handy if, for example, a member hit their limit on attachment storage and wanted to delete older attachments. I see that i, as admin, can go into ACP >> Content >> Attachments and view a...
  12. Don Daniello

    Unmaintained Object Storage Adapter 0.4.2

    Store your attachments in the cloud efficiently. Using this addon you can save bandwidth and storage space by separating your heavy attachments from the rest of the forum. Yeah, seriously, you can pay as little as $1 a month to store 100 GB of attachments that your users will happily upload as...
  13. creativeforge

    XF 2.2 Attchment URL switches to attachment link only

    You can see here that the image's link leads to the attachment source and not to the URL I have repeatedly indicated. I linked the image to this URL:
  14. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] Attachment Constraints Permissions 1.2.0 Patch 1

    Permission-based upload constraints for attachments, avatars, profile banners Add-on features: Permission-based upload constraints for: Attachments: Max count per message, max size, width and height Node-based permissions for posts (Forum permissions interface) Max avatar size, width and...
  15. Julsfels

    Cannot reproduce Attachment thumbnail images are only links

    Hello, I just upgraded a test backup of our forums to version 2.2.0 (which is so exiting!), and my firt step was to check out the new rich text editor. I immediately ran into the following problem: When I attach pictures and insert them into the post as thumbnail, the pictures are shown...
  16. developr

    XF 2.1 REST API attachment_key_context_wrong

    Hi there, I want to upload files via the Rest Api. If I reply to an existing conversation or post I have to create a new attachment_key with POST to attachments/new-key containing a context. Which format is expected for the context? This code doesn't work. $attach_param = array( 'type' =>...
  17. Digital Jedi

    XF 1.2 Defaulting OG:Image to Image/Attacments in Thread

    Is there a way to manually assign the og:image property to attachment URLs? I was thinking I could edit the phrases in the templates to either pick one or the other, but I'm unfamiliar with xenForo phrases and it's been a millennia since I've dug around in templates to edit things. I've kind of...
  18. arn

    Fixed Attached but not inserted video not viewable in Safari

    If you upload a video, but don't explicitly insert it into the post like here: You get an video icon: If you tap/click on that... you get sent to the attachment url:
  19. celebrir

    Looking for an add-on which lets users download all attachments of a post in a .zip

    I have been looking through the Add-ons Page and searched the whole Forum for various terms like "zip", "attachments" and some combinations and I couldn't find what I'm looking for. I just can't believe there is no add-on out there which adds a button to zip all attachments of a post/thread...
  20. M

    Lack of interest Attachment moderation

    Hello, we ran into a moderation issue on our forums where a user attached an image that was against the ToS, then the same user deleted the attachment 3 hours later. This caused several problems: 1. The attachment was reported, but the moderator could not see the attachment anymore 2. The...
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