1. Julsfels

    Cannot reproduce Attachment thumbnail images are only links

    Hello, I just upgraded a test backup of our forums to version 2.2.0 (which is so exiting!), and my firt step was to check out the new rich text editor. I immediately ran into the following problem: When I attach pictures and insert them into the post as thumbnail, the pictures are shown...
  2. developr

    XF 2.1 REST API attachment_key_context_wrong

    Hi there, I want to upload files via the Rest Api. If I reply to an existing conversation or post I have to create a new attachment_key with POST to attachments/new-key containing a context. Which format is expected for the context? This code doesn't work. $attach_param = array( 'type' =>...
  3. Digital Jedi

    XF 1.2 Defaulting OG:Image to Image/Attacments in Thread

    Is there a way to manually assign the og:image property to attachment URLs? I was thinking I could edit the phrases in the templates to either pick one or the other, but I'm unfamiliar with xenForo phrases and it's been a millennia since I've dug around in templates to edit things. I've kind of...
  4. arn

    Fixed Attached but not inserted video not viewable in Safari

    If you upload a video, but don't explicitly insert it into the post like here: You get an video icon: If you tap/click on that... you get sent to the attachment url:
  5. celebrir

    Looking for an add-on which lets users download all attachments of a post in a .zip

    I have been looking through the Add-ons Page and searched the whole Forum for various terms like "zip", "attachments" and some combinations and I couldn't find what I'm looking for. I just can't believe there is no add-on out there which adds a button to zip all attachments of a post/thread...
  6. M

    Attachment moderation

    Hello, we ran into a moderation issue on our forums where a user attached an image that was against the ToS, then the same user deleted the attachment 3 hours later. This caused several problems: 1. The attachment was reported, but the moderator could not see the attachment anymore 2. The...
  7. hanyuwomr

    XF 2.1 Change folder store attachment

    Hi, We have an issue with folder store attachment then I want to change location, How can I change it. I tried with config : $config['externalDataUrl'] = '/mnt/disk/data/attachments'; $config['externalDataPath'] = '/mnt/disk/data/attachments'; but it seem not running. File uploaded but i can't...
  8. BassMan

    [cXF] Remove attachments link 1.1.1

    Description: Removes link (unlink) for attachments based on permissions. Generally, you'll set permission to remove links from attachments for guests (and robots - so they don't crawl links that are not available for opening). Example: Check the image below. With permissions set to 'Remove'...
  9. B

    RM 2.1 upload attachments using api

    how can i upload attachments using api? please show sample
  10. Kruzya

    Fixed Attachment limit and deleting files

    If administrator decrease attachment count limit, user will always receive message about attachment limit when deleting attachment from post with attachment count larger than "new attachment count + 1". For example, user uploaded 15 attachments to post (limit - 20). Administrator changes limit...
  11. BassMan

    [cXF] Hide attachments with notice 1.0.0

    Description: Completely hide attachments with notice based on permissions. You can change notice text by editing the phrase. Features: hide attachments with user permissions (in admin control panel set permissions for a user or user groups) attachments are hidden with a notice (edit phrase...
  12. Sim

    Use a Linode Block Storage Volume for your XenForo attachments

    Linode’s Block Storage service allows you to attach additional storage Volumes to your Linode. A single Volume can range from 10 GiB to 10,000 GiB in size and costs $0.10/GiB per month. If you run your XenForo forum on a Linode server and have a large number of attachments - it is now possible...
  13. jazz_aaf

    [Jazzaaf] xenAntiVirus 1.0.0

    Description: This add-on will check new attachments for viruses and malware code using's api. Features: Disable new attachments until marked clean. (on/off) Exclude File Types. Exclude User Groups. Use in Private Conversations. (on/off) Permission-based access to the report...
  14. Mian Shahid

    [ITD] Basic File-type Icons for Attachment Icons II 1.0.0

    Set of 57 basic file-type icons, to use with [ITD] Attachment Icons II Instructions: download the resource and upload the contents of upload folder to your root path and install from ACP>Add-ons, or Download the resource and select the same from XF default Install/upgrade from archive...
  15. Don Daniello

    Lack of interest Daily stats: attachment downloads and traffic

    It would be great to be able to capture daily statistics of attachment downloads as well as traffic (downloads count * attachment size). This isn't easily possible via access logs if attachments are stored in Object Storage. Having that data in DB would open up some possibilities for addons...
  16. Fastline

    XF 2.0 Attachments/Image links are broken

    By default, when there's a reply to a conversation or a post, the mail is received, if the option is set. If the post or conversation has a attachment, it also shows "View attachment XXX". But it doesn't shows. The links are broken. * XXX refers to the attachment number in the forum. I'm using...
  17. Fastline

    XF 2.0 Issue with quotes

    When i quote some post, and the post has some images, and reply to it, it says View attachment XXX but don't display the images. How can i fix it? I'm using XF 2.0.x
  18. X

    Attachment Improvements By Xon 2.2.0

    A collection of improvements to XF's attachment system. Option to strip jpeg EXIF data SVG support Nginx's X-Accel-Redirect New Permissions for forum/conversations (Respects global attachment size & count limits): Attachment Size (kb). Maximum Attachment Count. Adds support for video stream...
  19. Mike Creuzer

    Lack of interest Retina attachments

    I was wondering if maybe XF could support retina for attachments. Two main way I can think of but maybe something better Im not familiar with. 1. Read in the EXIF data, find out if Pixels Per Unit X is larger than Image Size X - if they are divisible by a value greater than 2, floor to nearest...
  20. R

    Lack of interest Admin Tool to Rebuild post attach_count for all posts based on actual number of attachments

    Would be nice to have Admin > Tools > Rebuild (admin.php?tools/rebuild) option to rebuild all post attach_counts based on actual # of attachments associated with post id.