"Unassociated attachments" and hourly cleanup

Affected version


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I started translating a series of articles one week ago on Russian language. In first day i translated fully a three articles and started translation fourth article. I haven't finished translating it, and just saved draft.
On my forum, drafts are kept one month. You can say "oh my god, it is too long!", but primarily drafts used only by me. Users writes a small messages (posts in threads) and posts instantly, I can formulate and write sometimes for a week. But i've never used attachments before for long writing messages.

So, back to the thread.
I started a translation of article and attached four files: three images and one video, and saved a draft. Returned to him after 4 days and was horrified: all attachments deleted from server. "Hourly clean up" job does not take into account the possible presence of drafts with which the attachment may actually be associated, and drops all these attachment, if is uploaded more than a day ago.

This behavior can be changed? This causes wild discomfort that attachments do not survive for more than a day after upload, if you're doing something long.


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The option "Store drafts for X hour" can be set to more than 24 hours, but this doesn't affect the hard-coded 1 day timeout in deleteUnassociatedAttachments