1. rafass

    XF 1.5 Auto-numbering attachments. (1,2,3,4,5...) [?]

    I need to auto-numbering attachments (thumbnails) like: Any idea how to do this? if require custom development I'm interested. Thanks.
  2. v8td

    XF 1.5 Photo attachments display on edit

    When i edit a post (quick or with <other options>) a new attached photo is displayed right away. Is it possible to display attachments, AFTER i save and reload the edit form, not just as ATTACH bb code?
  3. otto

    Advanced Attachment System (AAS) - German Translation 2.1

    Deutsche Überstzung für das Advanced Attachment System (AAS) von [xenmade] (au lait). German translation for Advanced Attachment System (AAS) from [xenmade] (au lait). [xenmade] (au lait). Support for these translation only here or by: Support für diese Übersetzung hier oder auf: XenForo...
  4. X

    Attachment Improvements By Xon 1.1.3

    A collection of improvements to XF's attachment system. SVG support Nginx's X-Accel-Redirect New Permissions for forum/conversations (Respects global attachment size & count limits): Attachment Size (kb). Maximum Attachment Count. Image dialog functionality improvements. Allows selecting...
  5. Freelancer

    Lack of interest Enabling to paste file attachments into the redactor without extra text content

    As a bug was reported for XF 1.5.5 (which is now resolved with 1.5.5a) in this thread, I would suggest to adopt the current behavior to be able to paste file attachments into the redactor text input (everything non-picture like PDFs for example), so it allows you to reply to a thread without...
  6. Main Company

    XF 1.4 Failed to write the attachment file

    Problem start Tuesday of this week, and I have no idea why. I haven't made any changes to the forum since before Christmas. Any thoughts? (Mods, please feel free to relocate if this needs to be posted in bdAttachmentStore addon section) Server Error Log Error Info XenForo_Exception:Failed to...
  7. Dadparvar

    XF 1.5 How to let guests attach files

    Hi, Regarding to: And the answer post below it. (that shows the problem is about xenforo) How can I let guests upload attachments? Regards
  8. X

    Unmaintained SVG Attachments 1.0.1

    Replaced by Attachment Improvements by Xon Support for SVG attachments to be displayable as normal images. Post Install Instructions Add 'svg' file extension to the list of supported to allow svg files to be uploaded. Installation I recommend using Add-on install & upgrade or [#] Install...
  9. dougdirac

    XF 1.5 vB4 groups image attachments

    In vBulletin 4.2.3, there is a (pretty sad) stock groups function, and one of its features is a group gallery where members of the group can upload image attachments to a common gallery. As far as I can tell these are stored in vB as standard attachments. Are these attachments imported by the...
  10. rafass

    Lack of interest Uploading attachments [full progress] + 1 more suggestion.

    Actually, uploading attachments, you will see a progress bar on each attachment. That's cool. But if you're uploading many attachments (10-50+), you have to scroll down too many times to see the progress of the uploads. Would be great have a progress bar to see the full progress. something...
  11. ElgrandOC

    XF 1.5 Restricting Attachment Uploads

    I am having an issue with restricting the ability to upload attachments to posts. I have limited server space available, so what I am wanting to do is turn off the attachment upload for all users except anyone who has paid for membership. The thought process being that those who have paid to...
  12. Dadparvar

    XF 1.5 How to add copyright files to attachments

    Hi, Is it possible: when users attach files (to be downloaded. non-image files), the system automatically add some files that we want and then zip them? or, just make the attachment zip with some comments on zip file? Is this possible? Is there any ad-on for this? Regards, Hamed
  13. Amin Sabet

    Lack of interest Retain copyright info for image attachments

    I noticed that image attachments have all metadata stripped, including copyright. It's important to my members that their copyright info is retained. Would ideally like to have the option of retaining all image metadata for attachments (eg, EXIF) but especially copyright. EDIT - Do I have...
  14. dougdirac

    XF 1.5 Attachments import failed

    I'm doing a test migration from vB 4.2.3 to XF 1.5. Everything seems to go well with no error messages. However, the vast majority of the attachments don't get imported. In my vB attachments directory there are number subdirectories from "1" to say "39448". Each with a few numbered files...
  15. Amin Sabet

    XF 1.5 Attachments showing as non-secure after change to https

    I just changed over my sites to https and noticed that most pages are showing as having non-secure contents with that popup in older IE versions that so many still use. Here is one such page: Unless I'm mistaken, the only non-secure content on that...
  16. otto

    Attachment Viewer, german translation 0.9.1

    Deutsche Übersetzung für den Attachment Betrachter von MRaburn durch otto. German translation for Attachment Viewer addon. Support for these translation only here or by: Support für diese Übersetzung hier oder auf: XenForo Forum - Die deutsche Support Community
  17. M

    XF 1.5 Reimport All except attachment from vBulletin 4.2

    Hallo, we are getting ready to move from vB to XF. We imported our data from vBulletin in, done our tweaks on languages phrases, style and so on. Now it's time to reimport our data, since new posts and threads have been opened. Since we have ~100GB of Attachment on vB, it took us during the...
  18. adamsmasher

    XF 1.5 Importing Orphaned Attachments

    Is there a way to import orphaned attachments from vBulletin 4? We have images that are included using the URL of the attached image in posts other than the one they were originally uploaded to. vBulletin doesn't care that these were deleted from the original post, but they're lost on import...
  19. Morgain

    XF 1.2 Delete all attachments before selected date

    Would it be possible to delete all attachments on a forum install before a selected date? say Jan. 2013. How? How do I get someone to safely do it? It's crucial to keep the last year or two of stuff. It's a very old XF (which I dare not upgrade because I need a key addon on it to function)...
  20. eberkund

    Implemented Improved attachment uploading functionality

    I posted something similar to this a while back and the more I think about the more I realize that there is room for improvement in the file uploading area. As it is now if a user uploads a file that is too big for the set server limits, they have to wait to upload the file to the server before...