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Hello, we ran into a moderation issue on our forums where a user attached an image that was against the ToS, then the same user deleted the attachment 3 hours later. This caused several problems:

1. The attachment was reported, but the moderator could not see the attachment anymore
2. The moderator could not recover the attachment to review it
3. A user deleting an attachment deletes both the database entry in xf_attachment and the file entry in the data/attachments folder. So there is not way for even a system admin to recover it for review.


Just like any other edit action in Xenforo, allow users to...

1. User CAN delete the reference to the attachment in their post/make the attachment unavailable to the public.
2. User CANNOT totally delete the attachment. The attachment stays visible to moderators, stays in the database, and stays in the file system.

Moderation changes:

1. Include attachment history in post edit history
2. Allow for disabling of deleting attachments entirely in User Group Permissions. (like how we can disable uploading/viewing attachments)

Admin changes:

1. Admins can permanently delete any attachment from the database and file system.
2. "Permanent deletion" should still show a record or marker that the permanent deletion action was taken.

All these rules should work for both post and conversation attachments.
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