1. Rasteri

    Timeline feature/add-on for thread view

    Hi, i would like to have a sticky timeline feature for thread view. (follows when scrolling down replies in thread) Is there someone who can do this as add-on? I hope, I sent this thread to the right place.
  2. celebrir

    Select option on how to open an attached file

    I'll use a PDF document as an example, but this may also apply for other file types. Opening attached PDFs in a new Window instead of forcing a download is such a trivial feature that I cannot believe it is not a natively supported feature. It is almost 2020 and virtually no website forced you...

    RSS Feeds | extra option | "New posts" after reply

    Is it possible to create a extra option for hiding RSS Feeds without reply and showing it after reply in "New posts"? My forum loads many feeds from a news site and i like to show only feeds with comments in "New posts".
  4. SneakyDave

    In xf-addon:bump-version, display the version string of the current version

    I still have to refer to my XenForo pocketguide to interpret the version id's I'm using on addons. It would be nice if the xfaddon:bump-version function would display the version string of the current version id when those values aren't supplied. Sort of like: $ php cmd.php...
  5. Alien

    Merging Reactions

    Hey, I'd like to merge a few reactions together to cut down on the quantity we have. I don't believe the functionality exists to merge two reactions, so I'm going to make that request. I'd like to be able to choose, say, a created positive reaction and merge it into "Like" for example. This...
  6. Kevin

    Implemented Identify external links in the "Download" button

    In XFRM it has the ability to use an external URL for the Download link. When an external link is used there is no indicator in the front-facing GUI that clicking on the 'Download' link will take you to a different site. Please consider adding an indicator to make it evident that you are about...
  7. ibnesayeed

    Password-less Login Using Web Authentication API (WebAuthn)

    As many web browser vendors (including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge) are pushing forward for the support of the Web Authentication API (WebAuthn), it would be good to experiment with a more secure and less frustrating password-less authentication experience using asymmetric...
  8. ibnesayeed

    Not planned GraphQL API for XenForo

    I am a big promoter of REST APIs (not just HTTP APIs), for which there is already a very popular feature request thread, Full native RESTful API built into XenForo. However, I have been exploring Facebook's GraphQL lately and found it very interesting and efficient in certain situations. XenForo...
  9. Russ

    Implemented Registration Process Changes

    I've noticed a lot of discussion on the registration process but no specific suggestion (to an extent). I too am really fond of a simple way of signing up, while DOB is optional I think it should be taken a step further: Require user to check TOS: This would be nice if a user didn't have to...
  10. Kintaro

    Lack of interest slider dragging on desktop

    I don't know if is an option or not, but I noticed that I can't drag slider items (on RM for example) on desktop, on mobile, instead, I can do it. I would like to be able to do it on desktop too.
  11. EthanTG

    Add resource page editors!

    I'm new so idk what this is really all about but here's my suggestion: (From the Spigot forums) So if a developer is too busy to work on the resource page or maybe he's taking a vacation and forgot to edit it or for tons of other reasons why the developer needed a contributor to edit the page...
  12. Kintaro

    Lack of interest Search Result to display snipped text with keyword in it

    Actually the a search produce this: I would like that the snipped text pulled from the content of the search result is the first paragraph that include the keyword(s) searched. One example is the google search (of course!): As you can see the second result is a link to THIS thread and it...
  13. G

    Lack of interest Optimistic UI

    Hello, i would like suggest my mini idea about like function: What does script when we are clicking on like button? 1. User clicks on like button 2 Script makes query to server 3. Script gets query from server 4. Script handles query from server and insert phrase 'not like' instead 'like'...
  14. Kintaro

    Lack of interest Show Buttons to Guests to take them to login/register

    I would like to let guest see the specific buttons and ask to login/register if they click on them. (but hidden them to indexing bot) (from an idea of @cdub)
  15. Kintaro

    Duplicate multiple option reporting content

    How about adding predefined choice during the act of reporting content? I saw something like that on "stackexchange" and on "discourse". Examples (choosing an option can be possibile to add a message): Discourse StackExchange
  16. Kintaro

    Member of the day/week/month/year awards

    I would like to have in xenforo an award system (related to trophy system and criteria?) in which the "best" user of the day/week/month/year can be awarded. The awarded members will have the award displayed in their profile (and user info?) They will temporarily match criteria during last...
  17. ibnesayeed

    Content-addressable attachment for deduplication

    One advantage of having xf_attachment and xf_attachment_data tables separate is to be able to deduplicate contents. However, its utilization currently is very limited. A content-addressable identifier (e.g., md5, sha1, or sha256 or any other hash) in the xf_attachment_data table can enable true...
  18. warwagon

    Lack of interest Post a Version number under posts based on what has been edited.

    This is something I was thinking about the other night. What I was thinking about was adding version numbers to posts which would vary by how many times the posts get edited. For instances. When someone first makes a post the post would be Version 1.0. The next part could happen 1 of 2 ways...
  19. Lucas

    Back/next button when editing phrases and remember page after editing phrase

    As per the thread suggestion I made here ( with no official feedback, I thought it might be a better idea to bring it here and have the community support it. Is there any chance we could see it in the future?