Lack of interest Search Result to display snipped text with keyword in it

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Actually the a search produce this:

I would like that the snipped text pulled from the content of the search result is the first paragraph that include the keyword(s) searched.

One example is the google search (of course!):

As you can see the second result is a link to THIS thread and it not pull the first paragraph but the first paragraph that include the two keywords, and not the paragraph including only "please". In case the search doesn't find a paragraph including the two keyword it will display the first paragraph with the first keyword found (or better ways that I'm sure our devs will find). Yes I know that the search will scan for titles too, but I think that is already managed and weighted.

I think that this can take xenforo search to better result and to better user experience as the user will pick the right results with more confidence reading a little snipped text regarding the searched keyword(s).

What do you think about it?
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