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I'm new so idk what this is really all about but here's my suggestion:

(From the Spigot forums)

So if a developer is too busy to work on the resource page or maybe he's taking a vacation and forgot to edit it or for tons of other reasons why the developer needed a contributor to edit the page for him, that is why we need to add this suggestion.

How it would work:

- You could create a category on the resource page for the developer: "Editors"
- Then you would see the developer's name, which couldn't be unchecked (explained next)
- Then under the name you would see "Add contributor."
- To add a contributor, you'd need the person's Spigot name.
- Then there would be a box next to the contributor's name in a column that would be "Allow editing" or something.

In my opinion, this would make a lot of people's lives easier.

If I have to explain this more in detail, just ask me and I will make a video
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Do you hope this gets added too?
It's a great simple idea.
But I doubt it's near Xenforo Ltd's radar anytime in the next year.
If you want it, you'll have to pay someone.

This was an easy to spot idea when the RM was released 5-6 years ago.

It doesnt surprise me you found a need for this type of functionality.

Just Thank people like me who *****ed until the RM got a Discussion tab !
It was released without one.

You might find inspiration in this ...

I'll PM the world's best Xenforo site (heavily modified) that has what you want ... but for posts.