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    Lack of interest Privacy: Comments to your own status

    (This suggestion assumes a user would be unable to comment on another user's status if that user had disallowed "Post messages on your profile page" in their Privacy settings.) I'm posting this suggestion on behalf of someone else - I haven't yet surmised its merits, but nonetheless, I am...
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    Batch Update Threads - Remove Thread Prefix

    I recently had to swap the location of threads between two forums, for this, I used the Batch Update Threads tool. I applied a new prefix to denote which ones would be moved, and which ones would remain. After all of this, I expected to be able to remove the thread prefix as a mass action, but...
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    Warning Action - Ban Reason (instead of "Rule Violations")

    When a user is banned as a result of a warning action being in place, they receive the following message: This was from a temporary ban, lasting one day. However, there is no way to change the reason. No way to change "Rule violations" to be more specific. The suggestion is for there to be...
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    Lack of interest Allowable attachment file type (Permissions)

    I haven't been able to find an existing Suggestion thread for this. I would like to see allowable upload file types based on permissions, rather than the global option that they are currently. For example, someone would require elevated permissions to upload a DOC or PDF file, but they would...
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    Lack of interest Update Actions

    At the moment there are too few update actions for matched users in the Batch Update Users tool. For example, I was intending to update ten matched users to "Display user as staff", but this is not available. Instead I would have to do this individually. My suggestion is for the scope of the...
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    Full native RESTful API built into XenForo

    Pretty self explanatory and would do wonders for development work. I know there is an addon in the resources area however: A) It's not been updated in ages B) It's a no brainer that this should be built into the core. An API would allow: - Very easy integration into 3rd party software -...