Implemented Track the use of my ID within posts

I think it could be great to know when and if I was mentioned in a thread.

For instance:

User xyz posts: "I just spoke with msantarc and he suggested that you try..."

Now the next time I log in, I 'll see a note saying: " msantarc you have been mentioned in the following (1) posts: (link to the thread goes here)."

(I can understand that it might be a problem for a forum with 10's of thousands of users, so maybe it is on/off configurable?).
XenForo already supports mentions in a very similar way to Twitter. It is triggered by prefixing the name with the @ tag, for example:

@Mike Santarcangelo
That's a cool feature but it requires the poster to remember to use the @ symbol. My suggestion is something more automatic. Now that I think about it a bit more, it's probably not do-able given you would have to have a way to quickly search every word against a table of users.

Chris D

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I figured that's what you meant, but realistically for the reasons you mentioned it isn't possible.

Obviously Facebook automatically provides auto completion for your friends names when typing, and clicking on an auto complete result does trigger a mention, but there we're talking about a subset of users you are specifically friends with, whereas on a forum you could be looking at tens or even hundreds of thousands of possible names to autocomplete from as you type every single word -- it just won't work.


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"Will you have been mentioned 2 times in the following (1) posts"
"Crystal you have been mentioned in the following (1) posts"
"Rich you have been mentioned in the following (1) posts"
"Mark you have been mentioned in the following (1) posts"