Lack of interest Privacy: Comments to your own status

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(This suggestion assumes a user would be unable to comment on another user's status if that user had disallowed "Post messages on your profile page" in their Privacy settings.)

I'm posting this suggestion on behalf of someone else - I haven't yet surmised its merits, but nonetheless, I am posting it here for consideration.

When the "Post messages on your profile page" box is un-checked in Privacy it also stops members from making comments to statuses that you create yourself.

The suggestion is for a separate option that would permit comments on a status made by the user (rather like the secondary option for online status).
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This was brought up again on our forum, to which we currently advise that if you wish for other members to be able to comment on your profile posts then you should set the option accordingly in your privacy settings, and any posts from other members on your profile that you do not wish to be visible can be reported.

The downside to allowing posts being reported for deletion is that there is not necessarily a reason for the post to be removed, other than the target member preferring it wasn't there. This isn't bad in itself, but it leaves the author of the post wondering why their post was deleted, to which the explanation has to be given that it was removed by request, etc.