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Can this option be made so that it can be set to "0" so that the tag cloud can display available tags and not just used ones?

Reason: I won't be allowing users to create their own tags and as there is no way at all for users to know what tags are available, it will be impossible for them to actually make use of the tagging system. If tags in the tag cloud HAVE to be used at least once, then no tags will be displayed in the tag cloud unless I create a thread that contains all tags.

Also, the way it is at the moment makes having "permanent" tags a bit useless, because if they're not displayed in the tag cloud (or anywhere else for that matter) when they are not used, how will users know that they can use them?

I know when you start typing you get suggested tags, but this is still not very helpful if you have no idea of whats available, plus you have to type at least 2 letters before anything is displayed as a suggestion so it's pretty much impossible to just guess a tag. In the end, the tagging system will not be used. I know I wouldn't use it if I had to sit there typing "ab" "ac" "ad" "af" "ag", etc, etc, just to see what tags I can use under the letter "a". If suggested tags displayed after 1 letter, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad because as soon as you type, you'll get all "a" tags suggested to you.

Anyway, I think allowing this option to be set to "0" will solve these issues.

Thank you :)
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