Lack of interest In xf-addon:bump-version, display the version string of the current version

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I still have to refer to my XenForo pocketguide to interpret the version id's I'm using on addons. It would be nice if the xfaddon:bump-version function would display the version string of the current version id when those values aren't supplied.

Sort of like:
$ php cmd.php xf-addon:bump-version My/CoolAddOn
Enter a version ID. (Current version ID: 1000030, version string: 1.0.0 Beta): 1000070

Version ID set to: 1000070
Version string set to: 1.0.0
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Brad Padgett

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An easier way which is what I do myself is to update the version in your addon.json file and then run the command

php cmd.php xf-addon:sync-json Vendor/Addon

That's what I do. I find it much easier.